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1 kg per cubic meter = 3.6127292 × 10-5 pounds per cubic inch.

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Q: Kg per cubic meter to pounds per cubic inche?
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How do you convert pounds per cubic foot to kilo newtons per cubic meter?

Pounds of force per cubic foot x 0.16 (0.157087464) = kilonewtons per cubic meter.

100 pounds per cubic foot in tons per cubic meter?

1.77 US tons per cubic meter.

How many Pounds per cubic foot to kilograms per cubic meter?

One pound per cubic foot is equal to 16 kilograms per cubic meter.

What is 40 pounds per cubed feet converted into kilograms per cubed meter?

40 pounds per cubic foot equates to 640.74 kg per cubic meter.

What is 110 kilograms per cubic meter in lpounds per cubic inch?

0.00397 pounds per cubic inch.

How do you convert 62.4 pounds per cubic feet to kilogrmas per cubic meter?

Pounds per cubic foot x 16.0184634 = kg/m3

What are two metric units of density?

kilograms per cubic meter and pounds per cubic foot

How heavy is concrete per cubic meter?

Concrete weighs about 150 pounds per cubic foot. Can't do the math but that is about 4500 pounds.

How do you convert 10 kg per cubic meter to pounds per cubic foot?

kg / cubic metre * 0.062428 = pounds / cubic foot > so : 10 kg / cubic metre * 0.06248 = 0.6248 pounds / cubic foot

How do you Convert 3.3 tons per cubic meter to pound per cubic yard?

Multiply tons by 1,529.11 to get pounds per cubic yard:* 3.3 x 1,529.11 = 5,046.063 pounds per cubic yard

What is mass per unit volume of concrete?

150 pounds per cubic foot (0.087 pounds per cubic inch, 2400 kg/cu meter)

How much does a cubic meter of limestone weigh?

2611 kilograms per cubic meter, or 5,744 pounds. That's for solid limestone.

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