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My doctor told me "if there is a positive line at all, you're pregnant." I had the same thing happen. My mom and I were tearing through the box and instructions. I ended up getting the digital one and it said pregnant.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-07 18:39:30
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Q: Light positive line and a dark negative line does this mean am pregnant?
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Dark blue is positive and light blue negative on right side and brown positive and yellow negative on the left.

If you have symptoms of pregnancy such as light headed and dizzy but still get a light period with cramps after one week of discharge can you be pregnant?

Hello there. Yes you can be pregnant. I would do a pregnancy test this week. If the test is faint positive or dark positive - see your doctor for confirmation. If the test is negative see your doctor for a blood test.

How can you turn negative situation into a positive one?

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What does it mean when a Pregnancy Test shows a light dot in first window and a dark line in the second window?

It sounds like you are pregnant. Read the instructions of the test. It should tell you what is a positive result and what is a negative.

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A red gram stains means?

Gram positive: dark purple Gram negative: light pink You may need to do your gram stain over again. It should be either dark purple or light pink.

What if one line is light and one dark on a pregnancy test?

You are pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you were late on your period last month but an HPT was negative then you had sex two weeks later and another test now is a faint positive?

You are very likely pregnant. These tests will only show a positive if they detect the "pregnancy hormone". It doesn't matter how light or dark the lines are. Though, if you are still unsure you can take another test the very first thing in the morning when the hormone is stronger.

Have had dark positive opk for 5 days now are they are not getting any lighter Could one be pregnant?

you are pregnant

What religion is the yin yang symbol?

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What does one faint line and one dark line on a reveal test mean?

For me it was the first test I took of 3 and it was a positive. If you look at the lines, it would be negative if there was a dark (-) negative line but the dark line for me was (|) up n'down.

What does it mean when negative film is light?

If it is a black and white negative, more light will pass through the lighter part. Since this is a reversal process, the light parts of the negative will be more exposed and produce a dark image.

I had a Positive pregnancy test last nite but experienced light vaginal bleeding with no clots and mild cramps this morning. The line that makes the test positive is really dark help?

It is more than likely that what you experienced was implantation bleeding. Meaning that you are indeed pregnant. No matter how faint or dark that second line is, it is usually a very good indication that you are pregnant. -Good luck (and congratulations if you were trying to get pregnant <3)

Your period was a day late and when it started it was light an spotty then it was dark with no clots usually it starts dark and go light as it ends does this make me pregnant?

No, periods can change.

How do you tell glass plate negatives from glass plate slides?

Slides are always positive (they represent light areas as light, dark as dark). Negatives are the opposite.

What element turns colors negative?

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Yin and yang - which one is good and which one isn't?

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What does it mean if there is a light negative line on a pregnancy test?

It would mean that most likely youre not pregnant but you should see your doctor to be sure. Are you serious? NOT TRUE what so ever... Any 2nd line no matter how light or how dark most likely means you are pregnant... I took 13 test and i was pregnant , and every one came back with the lightest pink line you could ever imagine it was barley even there... So as long as there is some kind of 2nd line then CONGRATUALTIONS!!! and there is no such thing as a false positive!!!

What are the car stereo wiring colors for a 1988 Cadillac Eldorado with Bose?

The car stereo wiring colors for a 1988 Cadillac El Dorado with Bose are gray for right front speaker positive. Light green for right front speaker negative. Dark green for audio rear speaker positive and brown for rear speaker negative.

8 weeks pregnant and my areolas turn dark to light sometimes is that normal?

perfectly normal. Mine are doing the same thing. but one nipple stays dark while the other keeps changing from dark to light.

How does Photographic plate work?

The plate is covered in a light sensitive compound, containing Silver Halide crystals. When light falls on the Silver-halide, it causes the silver atoms to clump together. When developed with chemicals, the silver is left behind, causing dark areas where light has fallen. This makes a negative image, where light is dark and dark is light. To get a positive print, simply shine light through the developed plate onto paper covered in the same Silver-halide compound. After the same chemical process, the picture is reversed again giving the positive image.