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Be positive - In quietness and confidence is your strength and behind every dark cloud there is light -

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2012-05-09 02:04:12
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Q: How can you turn negative situation into a positive one?
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What could i do to turn my child's negative attitude into a positive one?

To turn a negative attitude into a positive one it is important to lead by example. A child will watch you and if they see you being positive they will also be positive.

How do you get the steam battery workin on poptropica steamworks?

the very first number is negative. turn that one to the negative underneath it. then turn that on to a negative 2. finally turn that one to the positive 2 then turn

Rules for adding integers?

When you add: a negative and a negative: you get a negative a positive and a positive: you get a positive a positive and a negative or a negative and a positive: Subtract the addend with the smaller value from the greater one. If the greater one is positive, your answer will be positive. If the greater addend is negative, your answer will be negative.

What is the rule for multiplying a negative times a positive number?

If two numbers are multiplied and one of them is negative, the answer will turn out negative. If the two numbers being multiplied are either both negative or both positive, the answer will turn out positive. Example: -2 * 2 = -4 -2 * -2 = 4 2 * 2 = 4

How do you change positive magnet to negative one?

Turn it around and use the other end.

How do you turn a negative number into a positive one?

Multiply it by another negative number or add a positive number to it that is bigger than the original number are two good ways.

How do you add positive and negative fractions?

-- Remember which one was positive and which was negative, then forget about the signs.-- Write down the one that was positive-- Subtract from it the one that was negative(Notice that if the negative one was bigger, then the answer will be negative.)

One way of working out analogies is to what with the words?

One way of working out analogies is to compare one situation over another. A way to do this is to list the positive and negative factors of each situation.

What is the positive and negative advantages?

Positive one are helpful, negative one are unhelpful

When you mutiply a positive number by a negative one what is the sign of the answer?

The answer will ALWAYS be negative positive x negative=negative and vice versa positive x positive= positive

Can adversity prove to be a beneficial process?

yes as you can quite often turn a negative situation into a possitve one

When you multiply a positive number by a negative by a negative one what is the sign of the answer?

A negative times a positive is a negative and that negative times a negative would = a positive. So the answer would be a positive number. *<:)

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