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14 i think... 35/25=1.4


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Q: Luisa swims 35 laps in 25 minutes how many laps will she swim in 10 minutes?
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Alyssa swims 3 laps in 12 minutes At this rate how many laps will she swim in 10 minutes?

Two and a half laps

If Carol swims 14 laps a day for a week and Julia swims 21 laps a day for a week how many laps does Julia swim all together?

Julia swims (21 x 7) = 147 laps.The way the question is worded, Carol's existence is irrelevant.

How many laps in a 200 yard medley relay?

A grand total of 8 laps or 16 lengths. Each person swims two lengths which is 50 yards. There are also 50 yards of each stroke in the following order: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, and freestyle. Each person swims 1 stroke for their entire 50.

If Amy runs twenty four laps in 8 minutes how many can she run in twelve minutes?

24 divided by 8 is 3, which means she can run 3 laps per minute. Assuming she doesn't slow down she can run 3*12, or 36 laps in 12 minutes.

How many laps do you have to swim in a 200 free relay?

There are four people on a relay, so in a 200 free relay each person swims a 50 free.

How many laps in motocross?

In motocross racing there is not a set amount of laps it is asmany laps you can do in the set time (A race is normally between 20-40 minutes depending on how old you are etc)

How many laps do you need to swim to make the equivilant of 30 minutes at the gym?


A large shark typically swims at a rate of 15 miles per hour If a shark swims at this rate for 30 minutes how many feet will he travel?

39600 feet

How many pool laps in a triathelon?

How many laps in a Triathlon, depends on the distance of the race. Most "sprint" triathlons have a swim that is 500 yards or 750 yards. In a 25 yard pool, that is 20 to 30 laps. Most other triathlons are open water swims, ranging from 1.5Km for Olympic distance events up to 3.8Km for what is commonly referred to as Ironman distance.

Jack can skate a lap around of a park in 10 minutes How many laps of the park can Jack skate in 30 minutes?


How many calories are burned swimmming?

About 100 to 150 caloires per 30 minutes, of swimming laps.

You ran 20 laps how many miles is that?

Most high school tracks are 1/4 mile. 20 laps would be 5 miles.

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