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7 dimes + 1 nickel

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Q: Make change for .75 using 8 coins?
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How do you make 75 cents using only 4 coins?

3 quarters and a washer.

How do you make 75 cents out of 10 coins?

To make 75 cents out of 10 coins, you need 6 dimes and 3 nickels.

How many different ways can you make change for 75 cents using quarters dimes and nickels?

There are 18 ways to make change for 75 cents with only quarters, dimes and nickels.

How many different ways can you make 75 cents using only silver coins?

Assuming that you are only using current US coins (5, 10, 25 and 50 cents), the answer is 21. NickelsDimesQuartersHalves1500013100112009300740055003600170010010811062104310241005105020312012205001310112010011

What four coins make 75 cents?


Are there really over 75 ways to make 50 cents using coins?

Yes! If you use Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies!

What is 75 pounds of random change worth?

It depends on what coins notes and other money that you have in that 75 pounds, if u hav 100000 10c coins it would be less amount than 100000 50c coins, but about the same weight.

What three different coins make 75 cents?

3 guarters

8 coins to make a dollar?

An example of 8 coins to make $ 1.00 would be: 3 Quarters .75 5 Nickels .25 .75 + .25 = $ 1.00

How do you make a dollar out of 75 coins?

70 pennies, 4 nickels and a dime.

What 4 coins equal 75 cents?

Well,25+25+25 is 75, but that is 3 coins and 25+25+10+10=70 and that is less than 75 so there is NO WAY that 4 coins can equal 75 cents.

What 18 coins equals 75 cent?

75 cents can be made from 5 ten-cent coins, 3 five-cent coins, and 10 one-cent coins.

What 3 different coins will make 75 cents?

If in america, 3 quarters make 75c. With the euro, a 50c, a 20c, and a 5c make 75c

How do you make 149 using consecutive numbers?

74 + 75

What are the codes for ub funkeys?

Heres every one I know of, I thinks its all of them but not completely sure : iluvfunkeys345 - +50 coins sproutarboretum852 - +75 coins, 5 new wall arts wasabipagoda992 - +100 coins, Box of Exploding Whizbangs funkeystownmuseum28 - +75 coins, Chocolate Lava Lamp 6786allworkandnoplay - +50 coins, Insane Flaming Hoop tikihut327 - +50 coins, War Totem Pole radicarules4565 - +500 coins, Very Rare Diamond Treasure Chest boggleden129 - +75 coins, Ghost Flame Toilet ponderingpark453 - +75 coins, Sonic Shield Generator falloutcompound358 - +75 coins, Solid Gold Panel kelpybasin4564 - +75 coins, Chocolate Seaweed dascratchclub983 - +75 coins, Platinum Record

How do you make 79 cents with 7 coins?

three quarters = 75 four pennies = 4

What is percent of change of 75 to 90?

It's an increase of 20%... without using a calculator !

How do you make 43 using only numbers 2357?

75 - 32

According to indian currency How the sum of two Indian coins can be 75 paisa if one of the coins is not a fifty paisa coin?

The two coins are one 75-paisa and one 50-paisa. (The 75-paisa is the one that is not a fifty-paisa coin.)

How do you hack UB Funkeys?

here are a few cheat codes:When You Start The Game Click Options And In Code Type In:iluvfunkeys345 - +50 coinssproutarboretum852 - +75 coins, 5 new wall artswasabipagoda992 - +100 coins, Box of Exploding Whizbangsfunkeystownmuseum28 - +75 coins, Chocolate Lava Lamp6786allworkandnoplay - +50 coins, Insane Flaming Hooptikihut327 - +50 coins, War Totem Poleradicarules4565 - +500 coins, Very Rare Diamond Treasure Chestboggleden129 - +75 coins, Ghost Flame Toiletponderingpark453 - +75 coins, Sonic Shield Generatorfalloutcompound358 - +75 coins, Solid Gold Panelkelpybasin4564 - +75 coins, Chocolate Seaweeddascratchclub983 - +75 coins, Platinum Recordum yeah.. those are all the codes I'm almost positive, but I know each does work

How do you make 76 coins with 6 coins?

this has to be the weirdest question I've ever seen. If you're serious, I guess I'd cut each of five coins into fifteen pieces. This would yield 75 "coins", which, with the sixth original coin, makes 76. How'd I do?

Use 3 kinds of coins to make a dollar with a total of 16 coins?

3 quarters 3 nickels and 10 pennies 25X3=75 5X3=15 1X10=10 75+15+10=100

How do you change 1rupee note into 50 coins without using 2 paise?

1 rupee = 100 paisaNow5 paisa * 25 coins = 75 paisa1 paisa * 25 coins = 25 paisatotal no of pieces = 25+ 25 = 50 coinsand75 paisa + 25 paisa = 100 paisa = 1 rupee

What codes are there for ub funkeys?

The codes are for unlocking cool stuff and getting lots of money fast . I have a funkey and the codes help alot it really does :) Codes collected to date(2/26/09) iluvfunkeys345-Adds 50 coins to your game TikiHut327-Gives you 50 coins wasabipagoda992-will give you 100 coins, & box of Exploding Whizbangs 6786allworkandnoplay-will give you 50 coins, & a Very Rare Insane Flaming Hoop funkeystownmuseum28-will give you 75 coins, and a Chocolate Lava Lamp SPROUTARBORETUM852-5 new wall hangings & 75 coins! ROCKETWITHSPROCKET6588-25 Coins and a Robot BOGGLETHEMIND2256-50 Coins and a Foul Smelling Chair RADICARULES4565-500 Coins and a Diamond Treasure Chest KELPYBASIN4564-75 Coins and a Chocolate Seaweed BOGGLEDEN129-75 Coins and a Ghost Flame Toilet DASCRATCHCLUB983-75 Coins and a Platinum Record FALLOUTCOMPOUND358-75 Coins and a Solid Gold Panel PONDERINGPARK453-75 Coins and a Sonic Shield Generator wunderland254-1000 coins and a green fuzzride

You have 2 coins for 75 paise1 coins is not a 50 paisethen how?

25 paise.. DR. satish