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Q: Mathematical formula for volume of truncated tetrahedron?
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Mathematical formula for volume of a truncated circler pyramid?

V=h/3 (axa + axb + bxb)

Formula for calculating volume of truncated hollow cone?

A hollow truncated cone is a geometric shape that is cone-shaped. The formula to calculate the volume is s^2=h^2 + (R-r)^2.

What is a scientific formula for volume?

The individual who earlier posted an answer provided the mathematical formula for volume -.-

How do you find the volume of a formula?

A formula is a string of letters and numbers and other mathematical characters. It has no volume.

Can someone give you the surface area and volume formula of a truncated cone in an easy to understand way please?


What do volume formula mean?

It is a set of mathematical operations which have to be carried out, using some measures of an object and possibly mathematical constants, to find the total amount of space which an object occupies.

What is the mathematical formula used to measure the volume of a cubic solid?


How do you work out the volume of a tetrahedron?

The volume(cm3) of a tetrahedron is 1/3 (area of the base)X height

What is the formula for the volume of a truncated cone?

V = (1/3*Pi*h) * (R12 + R22 + R1*R2) Where R1 and R2 are the radii of the bases, and h is equal to the height of the truncated cone.

using egyptian geometry, how the volume of a truncated pyramid is solve explain?

The formula for the volume of a truncated square pyramid with height h, and top edge a cm and bottom edge b cm is V = 1/3*(a2 + ab + b2)*h.

What is the formula to find the volume of a tetrahedron?

If the area of the base of the tetrahedron is A square units and the vertical height is h units, then the volume is V = 1/3*A*h cubic units. If the tetrahedron is regular, with sides of length of length s units, then V = sqrt(2)/12*s3 cubic units.

What is the formula for density in words and mathematical symbols?

The density of an object is the ratio of its mass to its volume. Equivalently, it is its mass per unit volumes. In mathematical terms, Density = Mass/Volume

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