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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: May have thousands or millions of units in a single chain?
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What may have thousands or millions of units in a single chain?


Is a vitamin made up of thousands or millions of units in a single chain?

A vitamin

What are the first three periods in math called?

the units,thousands,and millions'

What are the different place values in mathematics?

units, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions ten hundreth ten thousandth

How to Convert 950000000 to million?

To 'convert' a number to millions, divide it by 1,000,000. This is the same as moving the decimal point six places to the left * 950000000 = units * 95000000.0 = tens * 9500000.00 = hundreds * 950000.000 = thousands * 95000.0000 = tens of thousands * 9500.00000 = hundreds of thousands * 950.000000 = millions So, the answer is that 950000000 = 950 millions This can be easily seen by using the comma separator as I did in the first line, where the comma on the right separates the thousands from the hundreds, and the comma on the left separates the millions from the hundreds of thousands = 950,000,000

What are the structure of polymers?

Polymers are synthesized from monomer units and are composed of thousands of repeating chain units. The length and branching of these chains will help to determine the structural properties of the polymer Terry

What is the period after the millions period?

units thousands millions billions trillions quadrillion quintillion sexillion septillion octillion nonillion decillion undecillion dodecillion quatrodecillion intedecillion sexidecillion septidecillion octidecillion nonidecillion

What units will denisty have?

There are millions of density units. There can be up to 8.3 million units.

What is a long chain with units called monomers?

A long chain with units called monomers is called a polymer.

Why are the digits of a large number separated into groups of 3 digits separated by commas?

This is to aid the reading of the number and putting it into words. When looking at the place-value table the columns starting from the one before the decimal point and moving left are labelled: Ones (or Units), tens, hundreds, thousands, ten-thousands, hundred-thousands, millions, ten-millions, hundred-millions, and so on. If you look at these labels you will see that they are in sets of three: Ones, tens, hundreds; Thousands, ten-thousands, hundred-thousands Millions, ten-millions, hundred-millions etc. An in each set of three there is: Units, Tens Hundreds, The Units is used as a "multiplier" for the group of three: (Units, tens, hundreds) times One; (Units, tens, hundreds) times thousand; (Units, ten, hundreds) times million, and so on. Writing large numbers in groups of three helps the reading as each group is read as however many hundreds, how ever many tens and however many units and then followed by the "multiplier" of Ones, Thousands, Millions, etc (though for Ones the multiplier isn't said as ones, but omitted). Commas are use to "keep" the number together; spaces can be used but it might be considered as more than one number. When the coma is used as a decimal comma (like on mainland Europe) a full stop is used to separate the groups of three. Thus, to read 123,456,789 becomes easy; it is 123 millions, 456 thousands, 789 which in words is one hundred and twenty three million, four hundred and fifty six, seven hundred and eighty nine. The commas of the digit form being put in the word form help to insert little pauses between each group and make it easier to read (by allowing time for a breath and the eyes to scan forward for the next phrase of the number).

How much zero in 1 trillion?

Place value. 100 000 000 000 000 Trillions|billions|millions|thousands|units 1,000,000,000,000 12 zeroes, and a one.

Each strand of DNA has long chain of units?

Each strand of DNA has long chain of units that repeat themselves. These units are known as nucleotides and are identical.

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