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The Sahara Desert.

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Q: More than one-fourth of Africa is covered by what?
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Askia Muhammad ruled what empire?

Here's a little more than you asked:Askia Muhammad, Songhai became the largest empire in West Africa. It covered more territory than either Mali or Ghana and included one thousand different cultures. Trade was strengthened with the Mamluks in Egypt, the Merinids in the Maghrib, and the new Islamic empires in Africa. By 1591, the Songhai Empire became unmanageable due to its size. An invasion by the Moroccans virtually destroyed the empire. The Islamic legacy, however, remains in place throughout West Africa today.Answer:Songhai

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More than half of Africa is covered in what?


Is Africa covered by more than 40 percent of water?

no. its coverend by 40% desert

What is more than 90 percent of Libya covered in?

More than 90 percent of Libya is covered in a desert. The Sahara desert is one of the most popular deserts in Africa and makes up about 90 percent of Libya.

How many km of North Africa is covered by the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara covers more than 9,000,000 square kilometers.

Why do eastern and southern Africa have a milder and drier climate than those of West Africa?

Eastern Africa has more deserts than Western Africa, which has many more savannahs, and Southern Africa also has more deserts than Western Africa

Does south America have more countries than Africa?

No Africa has more countries than South America.

What is the difference between the US geography to Africa?

There are several differences between the geography of the country of the United States and the Continent of Africa. They can be listed as this: * Africa has rainforests and the US does not; * Africa's geography covers more square miles than does the US; * There are more rivers in Africa than the US; * Deserts in Africa cover more square miles than US deserts; * The US experiences more cold weather ( part of geography ) than does Africa; and * Africa has more coastlines measured in miles than Africa

True or false the earth's surface is covered by more water than land?

Yes, the earth's surface is covered in more water than land.

What are the two major languages of Africa?

Africa has more than 100 major languages and more than 1500 languages total.

Who has more people Africa or US?

Africa has more than 3 times the population of the US.

What has more animals Africa or South America?

South America has more animals than Africa

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