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10 hours at $12.00/hour

40 hours at $8.00/hours

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Q: N of the 50 hours John worked this week was paid 12.00 per hour He was paid 8.00 per hour for the other hours he worked He made 200.00 less during these N hours than he made during the other hours?
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What hours do welders have?

Welders usually have the same hours as most other industrial workers . The job / contract/ company will determine what hours are worked.

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Who did Galileo work with?

Galileo Galilei worked alone, which was common during his time. He did correspond with other scientists, such as Kepler.

If two people worked the same job and one worked more hours then the other but both get the same pay what is this called?

either this is a salary job, that regardless of the hours worked the salary is based on a annual amount of money or salary. OR one worker is a woman and the one who work less hours is a man. Women make 70 cents versus $1.00 for the same work that a man works.

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Who did Galileo Galilei work with?

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If you have two jobs. One job pays 7 per hour and the other pays 8.25 per hour. You worked 22 hours total last week and earned 171.50. How many hours did you work at each job?

You can create simultaneous equations : 2 equations that when solved will give your answer Need to calculate 7a + 8.25b = 171.50 ( this calculates the pay) and a + b = 22 (the amount of hours worked ) a is the amount of hours worked at the 1st job, b the amount of hours worked in the 2nd job so: 7a + 8.25b = 171.50 (formula 1) a + b =22 (formula 2) SO multiply formula 2 by 7 to give 7a + 7b = 154 (call this formula3) Now if you take away formula 3 from formula 1 you get 1.25b = 17.50 so b = 17.50 /1.25 = 14 hours therefore going back to formula 2 : a + 14 = 22 , therefore a is 8 hours So in the 2nd job the person worked 14 hours and therefore in the 1st job the person worked 8 hours (= 22-14).

How did the poor people live their daily life in Ancient Rome?

They worked long hard hours in the field and the houses. The women cleaned and prepaired meals. The men worked in the field and had some controle of other members of the household.

Why did public education suffered during reconstruction?

Children were put into child labor in which they worked in the harsh conditions of factories for long hours to provide for their families. They were not able to got to school and sometimes were locked in the factories so they would have no other option except work.

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