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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Numbers stored and transmitted inside a computer in binary or ascii?
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What type of Numbers stored and transmitted inside a computer in Ascii or Binary form?


Information is stored and transmitted inside a computer in?

binary form by SaravanaUltimate

The representation of character inside a computer is?

All information inside a computer is represented in binary. Every character is represented by a binary character code which maps to a table of character symbols (also binary encoded) stored with in the current code page.

How data is being represented by computer?

omputer works with binary number system that is consist of only two digits zero and one. Inside the computer binary number is representedby an electrical

Why do digital computers use binary numbers for their operation?

Digital computers use binary numbers because that is easier for them, and the easiest way for humans to represent what goes on inside of computers. Computers contain millions of transistors inside the various ICs in the computer. Transistors can generally be on or off. Sure, it is possible for transistors to have a range, but then, in this case, it wouldn't be digital. So since the transistors are used as on-off switches, it is easiest to represent them as binary digits, since they can either be on or off.

How are binary and hexadecimal numbers used with computers?

Inside the computer everything operates with the notion of on or off. With this in mind, the use of binary is really self-explanatory as it consists of only 1s and 0s. Hexadecimal, like octal, works very well also as they're both based on powers of 2 (8 and 16) it's easy to use these as forms of shorthand for binary.

Why are binary numbers used in computer design?

Because the earliest computers were simply banks of switches. Switches normally only have two positions - on & off. This is represented in binary as 1 or 0 (one or zero). Even in today's ultra-modern computers, inside the micro-chips, the same situation applies - lots of microscopic switches moving at ultra-fast speed.

Why all digital devices use binary number system?

The binary number system inside the electronics of a computer is generally represented by a high or a low voltage, a charged or uncharged capacitor, or sometimes even a switch that is on or off. That these electronics are generally in either one or the other state, the binary system is the simplest.

What is the relationship between electronic signals inside a computer and binary digits?

Electronic signals are represented in binary as 1's and 0's. A 1 is representative of an electric charge being active and a 0 is representataive of an electric charge being absent.

What are two states inside a computer?

A computer works in binary. That means the two states a computer can be in are 0 and 1. This can be interpreted as true and false, on and off, etc. There's also solids, and gases. Also, if you have a liquid cooling system there might be liquids too.

Why computer understsnd binari language?

The earliest computers consisted or rows of switches that were either on or off - Binary language uses just two digits - 1 and 0 to represend everything that the computer does. This is basically what a a binary language is. The figure 1 relates to a 'true' condition (ie the switch is on) and the 0 relates to a 'false' condition (the switch is off) Every function of a computer - from the most complex calculation to the simplest game is broken down inside the computers processors to binary code.

How can a transistor represent binary data?

Inside transistors there are small particles which are binary data which stores memory.

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Information is stored and transmitted inside a computer in?

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