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Q: On the first page of a newsletter what does it consist of the information above the multiple columns?
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What does a table consist of?

rows and columns of cells.

What units make up a database?

Databases consist of rows and columns. Each piece of information is entered into a row, which creates a "record."

Does a grid in a spreadsheet program consist of rows columns and diagonals?

No. A spreadsheet grid is made of rows and columns, not diagonals.

Is it true a word table consist of rows and columns?

Yes. Tables in general are made up of rows and columns. If it is a database table it can be said to be made up of records which are rows and fields which are columns.

Which type of database stores data in tables that consist of rows and columns?

It is a relational database.

What columns among the representative elements in the periodic table consist of diamagnetic atoms?

groups 14 and 18

Do all negotiations consist of multiple issues?


Most of the examinations in your program consist of?

multiple-choice questions

A line graph is a graph that uses?

A graph is used for graphing lines and points. A graph consist of rows columns and units.

Does A Spider Consist Of Only 1 Cell?

spiders are made up of multiple cells

Are proteins smaller than atoms?

NO, proteins consist of multiple atoms. Hope this helps.

What exactly does information systems lesson consist of?

Information systems consist of marketing information and data needed to keep a business successful and good. Keeping records and knowing when they have had good sales or bad sales.