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An operation on a series of numbers is when you use amongst others addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Mathematics decided the order of operations is to work out the sums in the brackets first, then exponents, then multiplications and division and finally addition and subtraction.

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Q: Performing of operations on series of numbers?
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What are the rules in operations of series of numbers?


What does processed mean?

It means performing a series of a series of chemical and machenical operations, in order to preserve or change the product. I.e Processing of Wool.

What rules apply to performing operations with signed numbers?

additive inverse and associative property and if one is involved, then also identity

What are algebreic expressions?

? An expression which is obtained by performing a finite number of the following operations on symbols representing numbers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, raising to a power.

Why is cash flow from operations important to a business?

It is often used as a gauge as to how well a business is truly performing. Investors can use the operating cash flow numbers from a business for risk analysis. This is because the cash flow from operations is hard to manipulate.

What kind of expressions that combine numbers and operations?

All expressions combine numbers and operations!

What is number system in computer?

A collection of things together with operations on those numbers and the properties that the operations satisfy or in other words, a collection of numbers together with operations, properties of the operations, and a system of representing these numbers.

What is a combination of numbers and operations?

Numeral expression, just look up numeral expressions

What expression consists of numbers and operations?

algebraic expression consists of numbers and operations

What does output refers to?

performing operations on the input data.

What are the four basic operations in a computer?

The four basic operations in a computer are:* Accepting input* Performing processing* Outputting results* Storage

Why does an order of operations exist?

This ensures consistency in calculations, regardless of who is performing the calculation, as long as the same order of operations is followed.

Can NAND operations or alternatively AND OR and NOT operations be broken down into and emulated by a series of arithmetic operations?


How do you perform arithmetic operations on binary numbers?

There are a few rules to perform arithmetic operations in binary numbers. According to those rules you can add or subtract binary numbers. There are only two arithmetic operations used in binary numbers, they are addition and subtraction.

What is the mathematical phrase made up of numbers and operations?

Expression is the mathematical phrase made up of numbers and operations

What is combination of operations on variables and numbers called?

the order of operations

What is Number and operations?

Numbers are an abstract concept developed from simple counting of objects. The basic set of counting numbers has been expanded so that they include the set of integers, other rational numbers, irrational numbers, complex numbers and quaternions. Operations are the rules for manipulating numbers. The basic operations of arithmetic are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Why do you use series and parallel circuits?

Parallel circuits are used for independent operations and redundancy. Series circuits are used for simplicity and dependent operations.

What two operations would you use for comparing two numbers?

the operations that can be used in comparing two numbers are??????

Why use many not-so-powerful processors in parallel?

Performing operations in parallel is often faster than performing them consecutively at a higher rate of speed. If operations can be broken down into parallel operations instead of one large multi-threaded one, you can use slower (and less power-hungry and hot-running) processors to accomplish the same job.

What is the definition of algebraic expression?

Here is the correct defenition: Algebraic Expression is an expression which is obtained by performing a finite number of the following operations on symbols representing numbers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, raising to a power.

Describe the operations performed by the following arithmetic circuits?

The arithmetic circuits on the list that you posted with the question are incapable of performing any operations

What are the rules governing operations of real numbers?

There are different rules for different operations.

4 fundamental operations of decimal numbers?

What are the 4 Fundamental Operations in decimals

Which element of the word program window contains buttons for performing operations commands?


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