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The linear scale factor is 100.

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Q: Perimeter ratio 100 and find scale factor?
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How can you use scale factor to find a new perimeter and area?

New perimeter = old perimeter*scale factor New area = Old area*scale factor2

How do you find scale factor?

# is the ratio of the demensions in the drawing to the corresponding actual dimensions. The scale factor for a scale drawing is the ratio of the dimensions in the drawing to the corresponding acual bimensions.

How do you find the scale factor of dilation?

The scale factor is the ratio of any side of the image and the corresponding side of the original figure.

The diameter of the moon is approximately one fourth of the diameter of the earth find the ratio of their surface areas?

Since the scale factor of the moon to the earth is 1:4, then the ratio of their areas will be the scale factor squared or 1:16. The ratio of their volumes will be the scale factor cubed or 1:64.

How do you 'find the ratio of its length to its perimeter?

Here's how to do that: 1). Find its length. 2). Find its perimeter. 3). Divide (its length) by (its perimeter). The quotient is the ratio of its length to its perimeter.

How do you find the ratio of the perimeter of two similar rectangles?

The ratio of the perimeters is equal to the scale factor. If rectangle #1 has sides L and W, then the perimeter is 2*L1 + 2*W1 = 2*(L1 + W1).If rectangle # 2 is similar to #1 and sides are scaled by a factor S, so that L2 = S*L1 and W2 = S*W1, the perimeter of rectangle #2 is 2*(L2 + W2)= 2*(S*L1 + S*W1) = S*2*(L1 + W1) = S*(perimeter of rectangle #1).

Show how to find scale factor of a small triangle to a larger similar triangle?

The ratio of the length of the side in the big triangle to the length of the corresponding side in the little triangle is the scale factor.

If two polygons are similar how can you find the scale factor from one polygon to the other?

divide the perimeter by 27 the multiply it by 3 and then u get the answer

How do you find the volume of a similar prism with only the scale factor and volume of the other prism?

The ratio of the volumes of similar solids is (the ratio of their linear dimensions)3 .

What is the perimeter of Minnesota in feet?

I highly doubt anyone knows. Perhaps, find a large map of Minnesota, estimate its perimeter (maybe by surrounding the border with string) then multiply by the proper scale factor.

How do you find the scale factor in math?

well.... first off you have to find the scale factor...

How do you find a scale factor in math?

To find the scale factors of two objects, you need to compare the ratios of things like their sizes, areas, volumes, and length. For example, if one is given a volume of 7 for a shape, and a second shape has a volume of 14, you have to compare the volume ratio of these two shapes to find the scale factor. This scale factor is 1 to 2, or the volume of the second shape is twice the first one. Scale factors are useful for scale drawings.