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They should have a title and a key. The values displayed can be percentages or counts or other measures.

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Q: Pie graphs should have a title and display percentages totaling 100.?
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Pie graphs should have a title and display percentages totaling 100 percent?


What should graphs and tables both have?


What if your instructions tell you to type in a percentage in cell E15 How should you type that number?

Percentages are entered as decimals. For example 12% is entered as .12. You can format a cell to display the contents as percent, if you like.

What should all graphs have?

Whats all the graph

Why should there be percentages when a number can be expressed as a fraction or a decimal?

Decimals and percentages are easier to compare than fractions - particularly if they are unlike fractions. That does not explain why percentages are required when we have decimal number and there is no good answer to that!

When anchoring at night what light should you display?

You should display an all around white light.

How are line graphs used in real life?

People use line graphs in businesses, and to compare data. Line graphs are mostly used when people are entrepreneurs. They figure out profit this way. Line graphs are also used when a product is made. They decide if they should continue to make this product, by how well the product sells. Line graphs show the change.

Why should Graphs be used in a presentation?

present information that is easy to see at a glance.

What should the sum of all percentages in a circle graph equal?

The sum of all percentages (in a circle graph or anywhere else) is 100%, which by definition is the totality of whatever it is that you are discussing.

How should you solve display problem with lenovo 3000 Y410?

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Do you cite information from graphs?

Yes, if you use information from a graph, you should cite the reference.

What can be a good title for graphs for students?

It should consist of a short description of the variables which are plotted.

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