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Q: Point Q was rotated about origin (0,0) by 180 degrees?
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Related questions

How many degrees has triangle ABC been rotated counterclockwise about the origin?

180 degrees.

What is true about corresponding line segments of an object that has been rotated 180 degrees about the origin?

The line segments will have been rotated by 180 degrees.

Point Q was rotated about the origin (0,0) by 180 degrees?

depending on the graph where point Q was you would not be able to tell where point Q ended after the rotaion finshed

How do you rotate a figure 180 degrees about origin?

It will appear to be upside down and rotated a further 180 degrees it will then occupy its original space

What are the coordinates of the image of the point 2 5 after it is rotated 180 degrees clockwise about the origin?

Rotating it about the origin 180° (either way, it's half a turn) will transform a point with coordinates (x, y) to that with coordinates (-x, -y) Thus (2, 5) → (-2, -5)

What is the image of point (3 5) if the rotation is 180ยบ?

If the point (3,5) is rotated 180 degrees, it becomes (-3,-5).

When a figure can be rotated 180 degrees and still looke the same?

When u rotated a figure 180 is the reflection the same

How do you rotate a figure 180 degrees clockwise about origin?

To rotate a figure 180 degrees clockwise about the origin you need to take all of the coordinates of the figure and change the sign of the x-coordinates to the opposite sign(positive to negative or negative to positive). You then do the same with the y-coordinates and plot the resulting coordinates to get your rotated figure.

If a shape is rotated by a half turn how many degrees did it rotate?

180 degrees

How do you rotate triangle 180 degrees about the origin?

Negate each of the x and y components of all three vertices of the triangle. For example, a triangle with vertices (1,2), (8,3), and (5,6) would become (-1,-2), (-8,-3) and (-5,-6) when rotated 180 degrees about the origin.

When letter you is rotated to 180 degree how it will appear?

u rotated 180 degrees will be upside down and will look like an n. Sometimes answers changes when you say I in a question to be a u. If you are talking about capital I, it will look the same rotated 180 degrees. i will look like an exclamation mark upside down

How many degrees must a rectangle be rotated in order to map onto itself?

It will be 180 degrees

How do you rotate a figure 180 degrees counterclockwise around the origin?

For every point A = (x,y) in your figure, a 180 degree counterclockwise rotation about the origin will result in a point A' = (x', y') where: x' = x * cos(180) - y * sin(180) y' = x * sin(180) + y * cos(180) Happy-fun time fact: This is equivalent to using a rotation matrix from Linear Algebra! Because a rotation is an isometry, you only have to rotate each vertex of a polygon, and then connect the respective rotated vertices to get the rotated polygon. You can rotate a closed curve as well, but you must figure out a way to rotate the infinite number of points in the curve. We are able to do this with straight lines above due to the property of isometries, which preserves distances between points.

Imagine the letter M what letter does i t look like when its rotated 180 degrees?


How is the right side of the mat connected to the mandrel?

The towing tube is rotated 180 degrees locking it to the mat

What is the term for a year palindrome that reads the same when rotated 180 degrees like 1961 or 1881?


What is 6 96 96 96 9?

A number sequence that will read the same when rotated 180 degrees.

What lowercase letters of the alphabet produce the same letter after being rotated 180 degrees?

o, s, x

How are 0 1 8 symetrical?

In the appropriate font, they can be rotated through 180 degrees and would look the same.

How rhombus has order 2 rotational symmetry?

Because a rhombus which is rotated through 180 degrees will coincide with itself.

What do the numbers 1961 and 6009 have in common?

They both read the same when rotated 180 degrees.

What shape has twofold rotational symmetry?

Any shape which, when rotated through 180 degrees appears to be the same as the original.

Are the sum of the angles at a point 180 degrees?

The total sum of angles around a point are 360 degrees.

At which point a lever can turn about?

180 degrees

How many degrees are there between boiling and freezing point of water in degrees Fahrenheit?

180 degrees