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A regular octahedron or a square based dipyramid.

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Q: Polyhedron with equilateral triangles with 8 faces?
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What is a polyhedron with all 8 faces that are an equilateral triangles?


Polyhedron with equilateral triangles and 8 faces?


What type of polyhedron has 8 faces and they are all equilateral triangles?

an octahedron

What is the name of a polyhedron with 8 faces that are equilateral triangles?

a regular octahedron

You are a polyhedron all faces are the same all faces are equilateral triangles i have 8 faces?

Octohedron, or rhomboid.

I am a polyhedron. All my faces are the same. All my faces are equilateral triangles. I have 8 sides?

A regular octahedron.

What do you call a polyhedron with 8 faces and equilateral triangles?

yo momas cutchi hole

What polyhedron that 8 faces and the faces shape is equilateral triangle?

The answer is a polyhedron

Polyhedron that has 8 faces and with some equilateral triangles?

A heptagonal pyramid and a square based dipyramid are two possibilities. There are others.

What is a polyhedron with 8 equilateral triangle faces?


What types of polygons are the faces of a octahedron?

Equilateral triangles

What has 8 congruent equilateral triangles as faces and 6 vertices?

A solid with 8 faces is an octahedron.As all faces are the same it is a regular octahedron.As such it is one of the five platonic solids - the only five 3D objects that can be regular: the tetrahedron (4 equilateral triangles for the faces), the hexahedron (usually called a cube with 6 square faces), the octahedron (as asked, 8 equilateral triangles for the faces), dodecahedron (12 regular pentagons as faces), icosahedron (20 equilateral triangles as faces).