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1/2 of 5 = 2.5

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Q: Problem solver in math. Show how one half of five is four?
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What are the four steps for solving a problem?

The first step is to show the problem that needs solving.

Which is correct five and four are eight of five and four is eight?

Four and five are nine.

Can you show how one half of five is four?

Five>iv=4 half of five is iv or taking 2 letter away. IV is 4 in romen numerals

How do you write 84.455 in words?

There are different possible ways: - Eight four point four five five - Eighty-four point four five five - Eighty-four and four hundred fifty-five thousandths.

How many times can 25 go into 64?

Twenty five can go into sixty four two times. This is a division problem. Sixty four divided by twenty five equals 2.56.

How is four in the middle of five?

fIVe, the roman numeral for four.

Is four half of five?

I'll bite: False. Four is four-fifths of five.

What number is this 1.348219504504e18 I did a math problem on a calculator and this is what it came out as?

1,348,219,504,504,000,000 One quintillion, three hundred forty-eight quadrillion, two hundred nineteen trillion, five hundred four billion, five hundred four million

What is the probability of obtaining exactly five heads in six flips of a coin given that at least one is a head?

The probability that you will toss five heads in six coin tosses given that at least one is a head is the same as the probability of tossing four heads in five coin tosses1. There are 32 permutations of five coins. Five of them have four heads2. This is a probability of 5 in 32, or 0.15625. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1Simplify the problem. It asked about five heads but said that at least one was a head. That is redundant, and can be ignored. 2This problem was solved by simple inspection. If there are four heads in five coins, this means that there is one tail in five coins. That fact simplifies the calculation to five permutations exactly.

When will season 4 of eureka continue?

Season four is over we're in season five now. Unfortunately the show will end only five seasons and not the promised six.

How do you write 24.55 in words?

twenty-four point five five twenty-four dollars fifty-five cents twenty-four and fifty-five hundredths

How do you do addition?

To do addition, you need to know how to count. Let's do the problem 4+5. Start from four, and count five numbers. One, two, three, four, five. (Starting at four) Five, six, seven, eight, nine. 4+5=9. Here is some practice: 5+6 2+1 3+2

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