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It depends on the context of the sentence. Squares may be considered as a special case of rectangles. Alternatively, the term rectangles may be reserved for right-angled quadrilaterals other than squares.

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Q: Rectangles are always some times or never square?
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If 2 rectangles have the same area will they always be similar?

No some times

Why is the square of a number always a positive number?

The square of a number is always two numbers multiplied together. A positive times a positive is always positive, and a negative times a negative is always positive.

How many .5 square meters in 1 square meter?

2 times 0.5 square meters are in one square meter. 2 times .5 always equals 1.

Why is any number raised to a even power positive?

A positive number times a positive number is always positive. A negative number times a negative number is always positive. Therefore, any square number will be positive. Any number to the fourth power (a square times a square) will always be positive. And so on.

Is one fourth a perfect square?

No, a perfect square is the square of an integer number. Fractions are never a perfect square, as the square of an integer is always another integer.Actually fractions can be perfect squares an example is one ninth, it would be one third times one third which equals one ninth.

What has 6 congruent rectangles?

A larger rectangle whose width is twice as long as one of the smaller rectangles and whose length is three times that of one of the smaller rectangles.

What is the perimeter of a square when the length of the diagonal is 15 inches?

15 times the square root of two, all over two A formula is this: The diagonal for a square is always the sides of the square times the square root of 2

Is the number 48 a square number?

No... it is not, try anything, 8 times 8, 6 times 6, you will never get 48, Therefore, it is not a square number.

How many sides dose 4 rectangles have?

Do 4 sides times 4 rectangles. So it would be 4x4=16 sides

How many times have QPR been relegated?

never they always win the prem

How do you find the area of squares rectangles and parallelograms?

you just times it by two

The square of an integer will always be an integer?

Yes. The square of an integer is just the number times itself. For any two whole numbers that are multiplied, the answer is always an integer (i.e. no decimals).

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