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14/ 18

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Q: Seven ninths is equivalent to
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Related questions

What fraction is equivalent to seven ninths?

Seven ninths is a fraction. It's 7/9 as we'd write it with numerals.

What fractions are equivalent to seven ninths?

fourteen eighteenths

What are equivalent fractions for seven ninths?


What is seven ninths minus four ninths?

Seven ninths minus four ninths is 1/3.

What is less seven ninths or four fifths?

seven ninths.

How many ninths are in 7 ninths?

Seven of them

Is seven eights bigger than seven ninths?

Yes, seven eights is larger than seven ninths.

What is four ninths of twenty-seven?

12 is four ninths of twenty-seven.

How many inches in one and seven ninths?

That depends what there are one and seven ninths of.

What is two ninths of twenty seven?

Two ninths of twenty-seven is six.

How many twelfths are equivalent to six ninths?

six ninths is equivalent to eight twelfths.

What equivalent to 1 third ninths?

Six ninths

What is five over nine times fourteen?

seven and seven ninths.....or...... seventy ninths

What is three ninths out of twenty seven?

three ninths of 27 is 9

What is one minus two ninths?

seven ninths

What is seven ninths minus five ninths?


What is 24 minus two ninths?

23 and seven ninths.

What is bigger seven ninths or five ninths?


What is seven ninths minus two ninths?

It is: 5/9

Are five eighths equivalent to six ninths?

No five eights are not equivalent to six ninths.

What is four equivalent fractions for seven ninths?

14/18, 21/27, 28/36, 35/45

Is eight ninths bigger than seven-eights?

Eight ninths is 1.587% more than seven eighths.

What is seven ninths divided by three ninths equal?

2 and 1/3

What do you get when you add seven ninths seventeen eighteenths and eight ninths together?


What is an equivalent fraction for two ninths?

Equivalent fractions for two ninths are, four eighteenths or six twenty sevenths. Hope I helped.