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Not necessarily.

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Q: Should 'algebra' begin with a capital A?
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How do you begin a question with a capital letter?

The first word of the question should begin with a capital letter.

How did algebra begin?

I don't think it 'began' as such - algebra is an abstract concept. You may as well ask how did painting begin, or how did singing begin.

When someone begins to write their name?

They should begin with a capital letter.

Should the word aliens always begin a capital letter?


Should the names of the planets start with a capital letter?

Yes - all planets names begin with a capital letter.

What country did Algebra begin?

It started in Egypt. That's why the word algebra comes from Egypt.

What are some numbers that begin with the letter A?


What year did algebra begin?

810 AD

When writing a cheque should the dollar amount be written with a capital to begin?


Where did algebra begin?

Algebra, just like the name itself, comes from the arabic countries in the middle east

The word Cattle should it begin with a capital letter?

Not unless it is the first word of a sentence.

When should you capitalize the word algebra?

Algebra should only be capitalised if it begins a sentence. Otherwise, it is written as algebra!