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No. Children spend most hours of their day at school, and afterwards have many hours of homework. If school days were to be longer, homework should be banished allowing children to be able to socialise

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Q: Should children have longer school days?
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Should school hours should be longer?

Having longer school hours means more breaks less school days and longer holidays a lot of children would agree that this would be great and teachers would not complain about being behind on the lessons.School hours should be longer as well so that children grow smarter.

Should you have longer school days?


Should school days be longer but school weeks shorter?


Should children go to school 5 days a week?

No children should not go to school 5 times a week they should go to school 3 to 4 times a week and they're summer vacations should be longer, I find that homework is a waste of time children have 6 hours of doing work at school and then they have homework at night now that is not rite. THIS person is a jacka**

Why should schools have longer school days?

Beacuse we have to learn and its better beacuse you get to hang out with your friends for a long time.

Should children have longer school days by two hours but in percents please?

say normal is 8 hours, then percentage extra is (2 / 8) * 100 = 25% extra

Should kids go to school longer?

Whether school days should be longer or shorter is definitely a large issue in our society. Obviously almost 100% if not that much of the school population does not want to have longer school days, that is just how they are. However, school days being longer would be useful to a child's education if they can learn more in a shorter amount of time. That can give them a greater overall knowledge as time progresses. There is definitely a large debate that goes on about what the government should do and if they should increase the length of the school day and/or the number of days. This standard fluctuates depending on what state you are in. Children may not like the idea at first, but I can imagine that eventually after a while they will just get used to it and move on and continue with their education, and their lives. Of course, others tend to disagree. Most socialization happens away from school. Plus bonding with your own family is a psychological requirement. Children need to have hobbies and interests of their own, have a life away from school, and to interact with other age groups. Children will not always live in the sheltered world of school, so they need to be exposed to the real world and without the artificial rules and structure of school. Schools often have unnecessary and overly picky dress code rules and children are more tolerant and accepting when they are exposed to differences in culture that are not allowed at school. Most who are pushing for longer school days, weeks, or years really have agendas. They want to destroy the heterosexual family, destroy free thought, and promote things to children their parents find quite destructive.

Why do the french only have 4 days at school?

they have longer days

Should you kids have to make up school because of snow days?

Schools in most areas believer that children should go to school for 188 days a semester. Schools might make a day off turn into a school day. Kids should make up snow days for missed education

Should school days be longer or shorter?

I think school days should be shorter well since I'm a teen and we are doing a speech on this and it says teens need 8hrs of sleep (which I don't always) it can effect how long they sleep.

Can you make school hours longer and days shorter?


Do Japanese children go to school?

All Japanese children are obligated to attend 6 years of elementary school and 3 years of junior high school, total 9 years. after that 3 years of high school and 2-6 years college are optional.