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use a bar graph

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Q: Should you use a line plot to compare the numbers of students signing up for different activities?
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How Important are numbers in your day-to-day activities as students?

everyday we have math... date has numbers... time has nymbers... etc...

How do you compare mixed numbers?

First you have to compare the whole numbers. When the whole numbers are the same, compare the fractions. If the denominators of the fraction are the same, compare the numerators. If the denominators are different, convert them to have the least common denominators. Then compare the numerators.

Compare the numbers of chromosomes in different species?

What is the smallest number of chromosomes in a mammal

How Compare the pyramid of energy with the pyramid of number?

How is a Pyramid of Numbers different from an Energy Pyramid

What kind of graph do you use to compare the numbers of tigers at different zoos?

A bar or column chart.

Can you compare two complex numbers?

You can compare their magnitude (absolute values) but not the numbers themselves.

How do the atomic mass numbers of different isotopes of an element compare?

The different isotopes have different atomic mass numbers, because the isotope has different numbers of neutrons. The protons and electrons are the same, so the change in mass number is the same as the change in the number of neutrons.

Which numbers best represent students in a classroom?

Whole numbers are the best representation of students.

How do we use division of numbers in real life?

When things are shared, or to compare prices of two different things.

How are ratios and rates similar and different?

They are different because a ratiocompares two different numbers or measurements from different units but the rate does not. They are similar because they both compare numbers. EX) ratio: 4/3 rate: 1.333 etc.

Is 0.010 greater than 0.062?

To compare the two numbers, compare the first digit after the decimal point, then the second, etc., until you find a digit that is different.

What is the greatest high school?

ERVINTON HIGH SCHOOL It depends on "what is greatest", in terms of numbers of students or education. By analyzing all the possible things, students performance, extra-curricular activities and other stuffs, you can get to a point.

Which fraction is bigger 11.15 or 13.20?

For comparing numbers with decimals, first compare the integer part - in this case, 11 and 13. If these are different, there is no need to compare the decimal part.

What are some examples of when you might need to compare numbers?

when you want to compare numbers to which is greater, lower or even equal

What do we call a chart that helps compare facts and numbers or quantites?

What do we call a chart that helps compare facts and numbers or quantities

What does greatest absolute value mean?

It means that you take the absolute values of different numbers, and then compare them to see which one is greater.

How does knowing how to compare four digit numbers help you to compare five digit numbers?

they all are digit numbers

How do you compare integers and whole numbers?

They are the same.

When do I compare real word numbers?


What is the singular verb for the number?

numbers. She numbers the students every day.

How do you order rational and irrational numbers?

Write them as decimals, and compare. If the first digit of two numbers is equal, compare the second digit; if the second digit is equal, compare the third digit, etc.

What is bigger 0.3 repeating or 0.6?

In general, to compare decimal numbers, first compare the whole part. If those are the same, compare the first digit after the decimal point. If those are equal, the second digit, etc., until you find a digit that is different.

What is the compression ratio of 600 PSI?

"600 psi" is not a compression ratio; it's a pressure. For a RATIO, you need to compare TWO different numbers.

How do you compare whole numbers through the millions?

A positive number is greater than a negative number. If both numbers are positive, the longer number - the one with more digits - is larger. If both have the same number of digits, compare the digits from the left, one at a time until you find one that is different. The one with the larger digit in this last comparison is the larger number.

What is compare in math terms?

To "compare" usually means to find out which of two numbers is bigger, if any.