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Using Pythagoras Theorem: 5=22+12

Taking positive square root we get

1. Mark a point 'A' representing 2 units on number line.

2. Now construct AB of unit length perpendicular to OA. Join OB

3. Now taking O as centre and OB as radius draw an arc, intersecting number line at point C.

4. Point C represents on number line

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Q: Show how root 5can be represented on the number line?
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Can an irrational number be represented on a number line?

Not normally because an irrational number can't be expressed as a fraction which can be represented on the number line.

Can irrational numbers cannot be represented by points on the real number line?

These number can also be represented on real line.

What is real number diagram?

A real number can be represented by a point on the number line.

What is the real number represented by a point on a number line?

It is the real number whose length represents the distance from the zero on the line to the point on the line.

How do you do number line fractions?

fractions are represented in form of decimals

When do you shade in the circle at the coordinate on the number line?

When the number represented by that circle is part of the solution.

Can irrational numbers represent on a number line?

No ,irrational no can not be represented on no line because it is not of the form p/

How do you show 0.55 on a decimal number line?

how do you show 2/5's on a number line

How is a number and its opposite represented on a number line?

By numbers at the same distance but on opposite sides of zero.

What rational number is represented by the point on this number line?

Answering that would be a snap if I could have a peek at the line, but until then, it's totally impossible.

How are a number and its opposite represented on a number line?

The answer will depend on what you mean by "opposite": the additive inverse or the multiplicative inverse.

How does a number line show which number is greater?

The number which is more to the right is greater (when the line is in its normal position).

How can you show Number on number line?

you put a dash where the correct number is.

Show square root of 29 on number line?

The square root of 29 is an irrational number, close to (but not equal to) 5.385; on a number line, this is a point between 5 and 6 closer to 5 than 6. The number can also be represented as a continued fraction. You can find a link to an image of this representation below.

How can vector quantities be represented graphically?

They can be represented by a line made with a #2 pencil. The length of the line is made proportional to the magnitude of the vector, and some kind of identifying mark is made on or near one end of the line to show the direction of the vector.

How is an imaginary number defined?

An imaginary number is a continuous quantity that is the square root of a negative number and cannot be represented on the real number line.

How does the pattern of change for a linear relationship show up?

In geometry, a linear relationship is represented as a straight line.

A graph that sHow is data along a number line is?

line plot

A number line with marks or dots that show frequency?

line plot

Chart of the real number system?

The real numbers are often represented by the Number Line, a straight line extending (forever) in both, the positive and negative, directions.

What does a straight horizontal line mean?

A straight horizontal line is a line that goes sideways, often represented by the equation y=a where a is any real number.

What real-life situations can be represented by a horizontal number line?

Things whose values do not change.

Why is the number line of a number is never negative?

A number line can have both positive and negative numbers. You can put the number line in any position, but often it is represented so that numbers to the right of zero are positive, and numbers to the left of zero, negative.

How do you represent root 10 on number line?

friends,root 10 is according to our pythagores thoream.root 10=square of 3 and square of 1 can be represented on a number line.

How do you show 1 divided by 4 on a number line?

1/4 is equivalent to 0.25 on the number line