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Q: Six hundred dollars is borrowed at an interest rate of 1.4 percent per month Find the interest for a 30-month period?
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Eight hundred dollars is borrowed at an interest rate of 1.5 percent per month Find the interest paid over a period of 5 months?


What is the interest for a 30-month period on six hundred dollars borrowed at the interest rate of 1.4 percent per month?


How much interest will you earn on eight hundred thousand dollars?

that depends on the interest perscent

Can I stretch my payments from a low interest payday loan several months?

Payday loans don't offer loans that are as much as $3000 dollars. They only offer a few hundred dollars at most, and the interest rates are around 20 to 40 dollars.

What is two hundred dollars worth?

Two hundred dollars.

How much money in interest would a hundred dollars build in a year?

It depends on the interest rate. If it was a 10% rate, it would generate $10.00

How do you write 25 hundred dollars?

$2500 is how to write 25 hundred dollars. It is equivalent to two thousand five hundred dollars.

What is to thirds of two thousand and seven hundred dollars?

1800 dollars ! Eighteen Hundred Dollars !

How do you spell 100 dillars?

Hundred dollars, or one hundred dollars

How do you type one hundred dollars?

$100.00 or: one hundred dollars.

What is 20 percent of five hundred dollars?

One hundred dollars

How many 10 dollars are in 100 hundred thousand dollars?

10 hundred thousand (or a million) dollars.

How do you spell 603 dollars in words?

Six hundred three dollars, or six hundred and three dollars

How do you spell 1100 dollars?

Eleven hundred dollars, or possibly one thousand one hundred dollars.

Can you write 3900.00 in words as thirty-nine hundred dollars?

Yes, Thirty-nine hundred dollars OR Three thousand nine hundred dollars.

How do you write one hundred dollars in numbers?

One hundred dollars is $100.00

What is ten percent of thirteen hundred dollars?

one hundred thirty dollars.

How do you write two hundred fiffty dollars in cursive?

two hundred dollars

When was One Hundred Dollars created?

One Hundred Dollars was created in 2006.

How do you write out a 16 hundred dollars?

One thousand six hundred dollars is the answer

How much is seven hundred and fifty naira dollars?

two-hundred dollars

How do you write twelve hundred dollars?

Twelve hundred dollars is written as $1,200

How do you write 35 hundred dollars?

Thirty five hundred dollars or three thousand five hundred dollars or 3,500 dollars or $3,500

How much interest is gained on two hundred thousand dollars?

There is not enough information in the question ! It depends entirely on what the interest rate is - and the length of time the interest is applied !

One hundred baisa to us dollars?

how many dollars do you get for one hundred baisa?

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Eight hundred dollars is borrowed at an interest rate of 1.5 percent per month Find the interest paid over a period of 5 months?

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