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q is greater than 8

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Q: Solve this inequality 3q plus 11 plus 8q greater than 99?
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Find the graph of the inequality y plus 2 -x - 6?


How do I solve this inequality y4x-5?


Solve the inequality -2s plus 8 is less than 16?


What inequality is greater than or equal to -5?

An inequality has no magnitude. A number can be greater than or equal to -5, but not an inequality.

How do you solve an inequality with a fraction?

p+1/4 greater than and less than 2

What is x squared greater than or equal to 49?

This is called an inequality. If x squared is greater than or equal to 49, then x is plus or minus 7 or greater than plus 7 or less than - 7.

Solve the inequality 9 h plus 2 minus 79?

This cannot be solved. Just like an equation, an inequality has to have at least one variable and at least one operator, such as less than, greater than, etc. Yours has no operator. Please restate your question.

What is the solution to this inequality 9 plus x is greater than 6?

There can be more than one solution if there is a solution.

What is X plus 2y is greater than 4?

The inequality is: x+2y > 4

What is a math inequality?

An inequality is when a variable and its coeefecient is greater than something. For example, 5x is greater than 2.

Is xl7.6x7.0 an inequality?

No. To be an inequality, it must somewhere have a greater than, less than, greater-or-equal, or less-or-equal sign.

Solve the inequality for 3t plus 5 times-4?

First of all, that's not an inequality. Inequalities have a a less than, equal to, greater than, greater than or equal to, or less then of equal to. But any way, the solution would be this: 3t + 5(-4) 3t+(-20) There you go, hope you liked it!

What is the inequality for r plus 5 greater than 6?

Copy it just as you typed it, replacing some words with symbols: Replace "plus" with "+" Replace "greater than" with ">"

Solve inequality 5x-10 x plus 6?

The inequality sign got lost when writing the question. Anyway, inequalities are basically solved the same way as equations; you transfer everything that has the variable ("x") to one side, and everything else to the other side of the equation - or inequality. The major care you must take is that in an inequality, if you multiply or divide by a negative number, the inequality sign changes direction - for example, a less-than becomes a greater-than.

How do you solve the inequality2x -10 6?

This isn't an inequality, since there is no less-than, greater-than, less-than-or-equal, or greater-than-or-equal sign. However, solving inequalities is similar to solving equations; however, when you multiply by a negative number, you must change the direction of the inequality sign.

Is -4 the solution of an inequality x-4?


What is the inequality for 5 times a number decreased by 10 is greater than -5?

The inequality that fits this condition is that X is greater than 1.

How do you solve an inequality with fractions and variables on both sides?

You solve an inequality the same way you solve an equality. You add and subtract, multiply and divide, both sides by the same value in order to isolate one of the variables. The only extra thing you need to remember is that if you multiply or divide by a negative number, you must reverse the order of the inequality, i.e. less than or equal becomes greater than or equal.

How do you solve the inequality lx over 3 plus 2l is less than or equal to 8?

There is one linear inequality in 2 variables: l and x. That is not enough to obtain a solution.

What is the difference between inpuality and equation?

I assume you mean "inequality". An equation has an equal sign; an inequality has one of the inequality signs instead of an equal sign. These signs are: * Greater than * Greater than or equal * Less than * Less than or equal To solve an inequality, the main point to consider is that if you multiply or divide both sides by a negative number, you must invert the inequality sign. For example, if you multiply both sides by (-2), a greater-than sign would need to be changed to a less-than sign.

What operation gives the solution to the inequality 4x 12?

An inequality requires an inequality sign, usually "less than", "less-than-or-equal", "greater than", or "greater than or equal". Assuming one of these inequality signs is between the "4x" and the "12", for example: 4x < 12, just divide both sides by 4. Just as when you solve equations, the idea is to isolate the variable on one side.

Is -5 a solution to this inequality x3?

"x3" is not an inequality. An inequality will have one of the following signs: less-than, less-than-or-equal, greater-than, greater-than-or-equal. for example: 3x - 5 < 15

What are the critical features of an inequality?

An inequality must have a greater than sign (>) OR a less than sign (<) OR a greater than or equal to sign (≥) OR a less than or equal to sign (≤).

How do you solve three eighths plus 21 is greater than 14?

There is nothing to "solve". 21 is greater than 14. Adding a positive amount (three eighths) to the left makes it even greater.

What is greater than and less than problems called?

An Inequality