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3 blocks east

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Q: Someone walked three blocks east then two blocks south one block west and finally two blocks north they traveled a distance of eight blocks and have a displacement of what blocks east?
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What is the resultant displacement if a man travels a distance of 1.5m towards East then 2.0m towards South and finally 4.5m towards east?

6.3 meter

Why displacement is called vector?

well i guess because there are multiple ways to make a distance...let say A to B. it can go round and round before it finally reach B. You can go either direction to reach B. but when it comes to displacement, it demand the shortest distance to reach B, which is only one way to do it, i think this qualify displacement to have a specific direction.

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What is Diplacement?

Displacement measures the 'net' distance that a moving object covers during some period of time. It's just the short, straight distance from the starting point to the end-point, regardless of the path the object followed or how much total distance it had to go to get there. Example: If you walk a mile straight along the shoulder of a straight road, the distance is 1 mile AND the displacement is also 1 mile. If you kept crossing the road, back and forth, to stay in the shade of the trees on each side, the displacement at the end of your walk would still be 1 mile, but the distance would be a lot more. If you jump into the shallow end of the pool, do 50 laps, and climb out again at the shallow end, the distance you swam is 50 laps, but the displacement is just about zero ... you ended almost exactly where you started. Drop a hard rubber ball from 6-ft off the floor. Maybe it bounces a hundred times, down-up-down-up-down, before it finally stops bouncing and just lays there. The displacement is 6 feet ... the short straight distance from the start-point to the end-point.

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What is the displacement of a cyclist who travels 1 mile north then1 mile east and finally 1 mile south what is it?

1 mile East

A car pulls out from its garage begins to head north for 10 km then heads east for 5km then heads south for 15km and finally comes to rest after heading north 5 km What is the displacement?

The displacement of the car is 5 km to the east.

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Can a displacement from one point to another be zero yet the distance involves in moving these point be zero?

Yes it is possible. Any body that travels in any particular closed shape (circle, square, triangle etc.) and returns to the point in which it started would have travelled a certain distance but the sum of its displacement would be nil. Example: A body travels in a 1 mile north, then 1 mile west, then one mile south and finally 1 mile east (ie. a square). The body has travelled a distance of 4 miles. The bodys displacement is 0 miles due to it returning to the point in which it started. You can calculate displacement using vectors. For this example assuming east is positive x and north is positive y: north + west + south + east y -x -y +x = 0

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