Sports that use ratios

Updated: 10/31/2022
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Mostly all sports use ratios to caculate the number of wins and losses.

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Q: Sports that use ratios
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Do football sports use similar ratios to characterize player performance?

I would have to say yes. I think we have the same homework assignment as

what ratios can you use to determine whether the relationship is proportional?

look at the ratios and multiply

How can you use ratios of adjacent sides to prove if two rectangles are similar?

You can use ratios of adjacent sides to prove if two rectangles are similar by comparing to see if the ratios are the same

Does knowing ratios help with jobs?

Yes,. The use of ratios is necessary in most situations.

How do chemists use ratios?


How are maps and scale drawings related to ratios and proportions?

You need ratios to find out what scale to use.

Examples of ratios in everyday use?

Many people use ratios for many reasons in everyday things we preform. Cooking, for example, because you have to measure the ingredients.

How can you use ratios and rates to solve problems?

By dividing

What are the Ratios applicable for use by banks?

Sorry, but your question is too general/can be read too many different ways. Are you asking (1) what ratios to use if you are evaluating whether or not to invest in a bank, (2) what ratios do banks use when evaluating whether or not make a commercial loan, (3) what ratios do banks use when evaluting consumer loan applications, or (4) something entirely different. Please repost a more specific question.

How do people use ratios in every day life?


Why do you use ratios?

Bcause they are part of are everyday lives!! and we need them

What do we use mole ratios for?

To convert from one substance to another