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look at the ratios and multiply

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Q: What ratios can you use to determine whether the relationship is proportional?
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How do you determine whether ratios are proportional?

you divide the numerator by the denominator, if you get the same to the other fractions, it is proportional. Another solution is if you reduce the two fractions to simplest form and they are the same, they are also proportional.

How can you use constant ratios to determine if a relationship is proportional?

set up a proportion and see if both sides simplify to the same answer. If the 2 ratios represent a constant ratio they will simplify into fractions

How can you use a table to decide if a relationship is proportional?

If the ratio between each pair of values is the same then the relationship is proportional. If even one of the ratios is different then it is not proportional.

Determine whether the ratios 9 15 and 6 10 form a proportion Justify your answer?

The fractions are proportional and their cross products are equal

What is true about ratios for proportional relationships that is not true about ratios for other relationships?

For proportional relationships the ratio is a constant.

What are two equivalent ratios called?

They are said to be proportional.

How do you tell if a pair of ratios are proportional?

you have to times and get the answer correct or not

Are the ratios 8 to 7 and 2 to 28 proportional?


What does it mean for ratios to be proportional?

Two ratios, a:b and c:d are proportional if there is some number x such that a = cx and b = dx. Equivalently, if ad = bc (each is equal to cdx).

What is compound proportion?

Compound proportion refers to a mathematical relationship between two ratios where multiple quantities are compared. It involves comparing multiple ratios involving more than two quantities in a proportional relationship.

What does the word proportional relationship mean im math?

equal ratios say for every bag, you get 5 balls or 1/5 say that now you have 10 bags, you now have 50 balls 1/5 = 10/50 PROPORTIONAL

Are the ratios 16 to 18 and 18 to 24 proportional?

yes, they are.