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f(n) = n/45 describes how long (in hours) it takes to travel n miles at 45 mph since time = distance ÷ speed.

Whereas distance = speed x time which would be f(n) equals n times 45.

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Q: The function f n equals n over 45 describes the total distance traveled after n hours at a constant speed of 45 mph Is this true or false?
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For a car traveling at a constant rate of 60 mph the distance traveled is a function of the time traveled. how do i express this relation as a function?

D = 60T where T is expressed in hours.

Is the total distance traveled divided by constant speed eual constant speed?

No. The total distance traveled divided by constant speed is the time interval.

What is the distance traveled by an object divided by the time in which the distance was traveled without identifying the direction traveled?

Speed describes the distance traveled by an object divided by the time in which the distance was traveled, if the direction is not specified.

Which situation is most likely to show a constant rate of change?

The distance traveled by a truck driving at a constant speed compared with time.

How do you measure rf value?

Rf value = distance traveled by a compound/distance traveled by a constant.Source:

If speed is constant but the time of the travel ends up being less what must have happened to the distance traveled?

. The distance decreased.

The distance traveled by an automobile moving at a constant velocity is?

(Its speed) x (time it spends traveling).

What distance is traveled by a police car that moves at a constant speed of 1.5 km for 5.0 minutes?

1.5 km is a distance, not a speed.

What is the formula for distance traveled as a function of time when an object is subject to constant acceleration?

d(t)=Vi(t)+((1/2)(a*t^2)) I just can't find anywhere to explain where that 1/2 constant comes from.

Are time and distance directly proportional to each other?

Time and distance traveled are directly proportional only if the velocity of the object in question is constant.

What is the distance a car can traveled if it is travelling at a constant rate of 35 mph and it travels for 4 hours?

rate times time = distance so 140

What is the the constant of proportionality for the distance y traveled in miles in x hours as represented by the equation y divided by x?

It is the speed, which must be maintained at a constant value.

What are distance traveled and time traveled and rate of travel related?

Rate of travel = (distance traveled) divided by (time traveled)

Is the distance traveled a state function or path function?

Its a path function......but DISPLACEMENT is a state function.Distance depends on the path we followed from one state to another but displacement is a straight distance so it depends upon the states.

Does the total distance traveled divided by constant speed is an average speed?

No. If you divide a distance by a speed, you get a time, not a speed. For example, (meters) / (meters/second) = (seconds).

When do you use average speed to measure?

Average speed can be used to measure the distance traveled by an object when the acceleration is constant. x = v * t. When acceleration is a constant, the average speed can be plugged into the equation with time to yield distance.

What is the formula for distance traveled?

distance traveled = speed multiplied by time taken.

When the body starts from rest and attain velocity v in time t with a constant acceleration the distance traveled by the body is?

d = 1/2 a t2 where d is distance traveled a is the constant acceleration t is the time You can calculate the value of "a" by dividing "v" by "t".

What is the fartherest distance traveled by a manned spaceship?

The farthest distance traveled is to the moon and back.

What is The total distance traveled in a time interval?

If the speed is constant, then the distance is simply the speed multiplied by the time taken for the journey. This relationship is the distance/time = speed, or d/t = s. If the speed was constant, then the distance travelled is given by the integral. In both cases, the distance the area under the speed by time graph

If a body dropped from rest has a constant acceleration in free fall is the distance traveled by the body the same for each time interval?

No. Acceleration is the rate at which the speed is INCREASING. Since the speed is increasing,the distance traveled by the body in each time interval is also increasing.

What distance is traveled by a police car that moves at a constant speed of 1.5km in 5.0 minutes?

I am going to assume you meant a constant speed of 1.5km/min. speed = distance/time distance = speed x time = 1.5km/min x 5.0min = 7.5km

How will the total distance traveled by a car in 4 hrs?

Assuming that the car moves at a constant speed, you can use the standard formula for speed: distance = speed x time

Does the Upright Exercise Bike record the distance traveled?

Yes, the bike can record distance traveled.

The distance between city A and B is 150 Km. Two third of this distance is traveled in roadvehicles and the rest by train. One fourth of the distance traveled in road vehicles is traveledin a taxi. What is the distance traveled in taxi?

25 km