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Slowing down or decelerating

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Q: The graph of a car's speedometer was straight line sloping downward. the car was?
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Plot the graph to show ball thrown vertically upward and comes downward ignoring air resistence?

If you want the graph to show the acceleration of the ball against time, then the graph is a horizontal line. If you want the graph to show the velocity of the ball against time, then the graph is a straight line sloping downward. If you want the graph to show the height of the ball against time, then the graph is a parabola that opens downward.

What does the downward sloping line in a speed graph mean?

If you are analyzing speed with respect to time, then you are decelerating.

What is a sloping straight line on a distance time graph?

An upward sloping straight line indicates that the object being studied is moving away from the origin and that the component of its velocity in the radial direction is a constant. A downward sloping line indicates it is moving towards the origin. However, neither line says anything about the transverse component of its motion.

In a graph of price vertical axis verses quantity horizontal demand is downward sloping because?

market demand

What happends to the graph of a line when the slope is negative?

A straight line graph with negative slope slants downward from left to right.

What does a direct proportion look like on a graph?

A straight line, through the origin, sloping up from left to right. The gradient of the graph will be the constant of proportionality.

How does the graph of velocity vs. time look for something with a constant positive acceleration?

An upward sloping straight line.

What can you say about the motion of a body if its velocity time graph is a straight line sloping upwards?

It is accelearting at a constant rate.

What is the downward trend on a graph?

The downward tend on a graph is called "decay".

What does a downward sloping diagonal line mean in a velocity vs time graph?

This means your velocity is decreasing with time, or in other words, the object is slowing down.

How does the graph of displacement vs. time look for something moving at a constant positive velocity?

An Upward Sloping Straight Line. <3

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