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On a graph of acceleration vs. time, during deceleration the line is below zero. On a graph of speed vs. time, during deceleration the line has a negative slope (sloping downward from left to right).

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Q: What will the acceleration-time graph show if the speed is decelerating?
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What is the type of graph used to show the speed of an object?

speed graph

What is the shape of time graph moving with uniform speed?

Distance-time graph will show a straight line with a positive slope. Speed-time graph will show a horizontal line at the uniform speed. Acceleration-time graph will show a horizontal line at a = 0.

How do you use a graph to show someone's motion?

By using the distance, speed, and acceleration, to show on the graph the constant speed of each car

How do you show speed on a graph?

you do not all you do is look and

What does a speed time graph show?

The acceleration of an object.

Does a horizontal line on a speed time graph show constant speed?


When you graph speed time is on what axis?

It depends what you wish to show.

What does the line on a speed or time graph show?

The shape and slope of the line on a graph illustrates the qualitative and quantitative relationship between the variables plotted on the axes of the graph. Sadly, there is no such graph as a "speed or time" one.

How speed of zero would appear on a graph?

-- If the graph displays speed against time, then speed of zero is indicated wherever the graph-line touches the x-axis. -- If the graph displays distance against time, then speed of zero is indicated wherever the graph-line is horizontal. -- If the graph displays acceleration (magnitude) against time, then the graph can tell you when speed is increasing or decreasing, but it doesn't show what the actual speed is.

Definition for speed vs time graph?

Speed Vs. Time Graph : Can show whether an object is speeding up, slowing down, or moving at a constant speed.

What is the name of the line that would show constant speed on a V-T graph?

On a V-t graph, constant speed is shown as a horizontal line.

What does a speed time graph indicate about an object's motion?

A distance time graph would show the distance traveled.

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