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16 in

16 in*15 in = 240 square inches

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Q: The height of a rectangkle is 15 in and the area is 240 square in What is the length of the base of the rectangle?
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What is the length of a rectangle if the diagonal and height are given?

If d is the diagonal and h is the height Let, l=length of rectangle we have By pythagrous theorem d square= l square + h square therefore l square= d square - h square

How do you find the volume of a square regular rectangle?

multiply the length by the width by the height

What is the formula for finding area of a rectangular prism?

times the length and height of the square and then times the length and height of the rectangle and then add them up

What is the area of a rectangle or parallelogram?

Area in square units: length times perpendicular height

What is the side length?

it depends on what shape it is. square: perimenter/4 is one side's length. triangle: perminter/3 rectangle: perimeter/height = length or perimeter/length = height

Does a square and a rectangle has equal length?

A square (a by a) and a rectangle (a by b) can have sides that are of equal length.

How do you count the number of squares crossed by the diagonal in a rectangle?

To find the length of a diagonal in a rectangle, use the Pythagorean method. Diagonal length = square root(length squared + height squared).

What is the area of a rectangle if the length is 9 centimeters and the height is 10 centimeters?

area of rectangle = base x height = 9 x 10 = 90 square cms

What is the area of a rectangle that is 3 feet by 13 feet?

Area of a rectangle = length X height = 3*13 = 39 square feet.

What is the area of a rectangle with a length of 12 inches and a height of 5 inches?

The area of rectangle is : 60.0

How do you find the square footage of a non square?

Rectangle is length times width and triangles are base times height divided by 2.

If the base is 12.5 and the height is 5 what is the area?

If you mean a rectangle, just multiply the length times the height. If (for example) length and height are in centimeters, then the area is in square centimeters. Similar for other units.

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