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it is closer to the center

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Q: The hour hand is always closer to what?
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Does the hour hand on a clock move closer to the hour every 10 minutes?

It depends on the mechanism.

If the little hand is on the 1 and the big hand is on the 6 what time is it?

1:30 Wrong. The "LITTLE" hand indicates the minute of the hour and the"BIG" hand indicates the hour of the day (or at least half day - AM/PM). The minute hand is the LITTLE hand because it represents the smaller unit of time when compared to an hour which is indicated by the BIG hand. Granted, the longer hand is longer than the shorter hand but it is was historically always thinner than the hour hand. Thinner = LITTLE And the hour hand was always shorter but fatter than the minute hand. Fatter = BIG The reason they were originally called "BIG" and "LITTLE" was based on the amount of time each represents. Hour is 60 times bigger than minute. Hour is BIG and minute is LITTLE. Hour hand is BIG HAND and minute hand is LITTLE HAND. End of story

Is there always a one hour time difference between central and eastern time?

Yes, because it goes an hour earlier the closer you get to the pacific ocean.

What is the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock at half past two?

If we simply imagine the minute hand is on the 6, and the hour hand is on the two, there will be a total of 120 degrees between the minute and the hour hand, 1/3 of the clock is covered between the two hands. However, it is not that simple. Because 30 minutes has travelled, the hour hand will be half way between the 2 and the 3. We know that every hour, the hour hand moves 30 degrees (360 / 12 hours = 30). Therefore, in 30 minutes, it will have travelled 15 degrees. Which means the hour hand is 15 degrees closer to the minute hand. Therefore, the actual angle between the minute and hour hand is actually 105 degrees.

Why watch with a second hand will always be considered more than a watch with just an hour hand is considered significant?


Is hand watch move clockwise?

Any watch hand, whether it be hour, minute, or second, always moves clockwise. In answer to your question: yes.

Which hand is the hour hand on a clock?

The short hand is the hour hand on a clock.

What did the hour hand say to the minute hand?

see you in an hour. Of course it takes more than an hour for the hour hand (the "BIG" hand) and the minute hand (the "LITTLE" hand) to line up but it does happen once each hour. Keep in mind, the hour hand is known as the BIG hand because an hour is bigger than a minute, which is indicated by the LITTLE hand.

Why is the hour hand of the clock?

The purpose of the hour hand on the clock is to tell which hour it is. *

How do you find compass points on a watch?

If you point the hour hand of a 12 hour watch in the direction of the sun, a point half way between the hour hand and the shortest distance to the 12 will be South in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, switch the hour hand and the 12 in the above directions and you will be pointing to the North. Of course, this is only a rough guage and is less accurate the closer you are to the Poles or the Equator. Don't forget to set your watch for the correct time zone.

Is the short fat had the hour hand of a clock or is the long thin hand the hour hand?

The short fat hand

Which hour hand represents hours?

The hour hand is the shortest hand of all three on a clock.