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The increase in time And cost with distance is referred to as friction of distance

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Q: The increase in time and cost with distance?
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Distance equals velocity time the equation sHow is that distance varies as time?

Distance is dependent on time. If there is no time, there is no distance, as distance = velocity * time. As time or speed increases so will distance, therefore, if distance increases, either speed or time must increase. If either speed or time = 0, then distance will equal 0.

How would decreasing the time it takes you to run a certain distance of your speed?

Decreasing the time, for the same distance, means you increase your speed. Remember that speed is distance / time.

Does Speed increase as distance increases for the same time?

If you travel less distance in the same time, you are traveling slower.

How can a lever increase the force applied without changing the amount of work being done?

Work is force times distance. A lever will increase force, at the cost of distance, or it will increase distance, at the cost of force. Each of these is inversely proportional, so the net force times distance is the same. Said in other words, a lever cannot add to or subtract from work - work is the same in all cases.

How far do you have to run to increase your stamina?

To increase your stamina you run/jog certain distance everyday. As the days go on you should increase the distance you run. You will start seeing results in 2-3 weeks time.

Does the orbit time of planets increase or decrease as the distance from the sun increases?

You are an idiot!

Can one machine can increase both force and distance at the same time?

No it can only increase one or another never both

Does a router work to increase your wifi signal?

A router distributes a signal that is as big as it is set to, it will not increase distance over time.

How would decreasing the time it takes you to run a a certain distance affect your speed?

It would increase your speed. Speed = distance / time so if you decrease the time whilst keeping the distance the same, distance/time increases.

What is the definition of relative distance?

distance measured not in linear terms such as miles or kilometers but in terms such as cost and time

How can you get speed and distance covered by a body from distance time graph?

Distance you read off directly from the graph. Speed is the rate of increase of distance, so it is the slope (gradient) of the graph.

How taxi meter runs?

Taxi meters increase their numbers slowly for time and distance.