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Q: The numerator in a fraction is like which part of a division problem?
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How does a numerator and denominator look like?

a numerator is the top number of a fraction and the demonatior is the bottom number of a fraction

When the numerator and denominator is same in a fraction you call it a?

like fraction

Do you have to add the numerator and denominator to have a like fraction?

No because you have too multiply the numerator and denominator by the the same number to have an equivalent fraction.

Where can the numerator be found in a fraction?

The numerator is the top line , it tells you how many of the fraction you have (enumerates it, if you like). The bottom is the denominator, it tells you what kind of fraction it is (what denomination it is).

HOW TO DIVide fractions?

first, change the division sign to a muliplication sign. then change the second number in the problem-change the numerator to the denominator and the denominator to the numerator. then multiply the top numbers and bottom numbers like regular multiplication.

What does the fraction button look like on a calculator?

On the common Texas Instrument (TI) it looks like a fraction with a square instead of a number for the denominator and numerator. If you cannot find that button you can also put the fraction as division inside parenthesis for example 1 half could be put in as (1/2)

When fractions have like denominatorsthe larger the what the larger the fraction?

the numerator

Is it possible for the remainder in a division problem to be greater than the divisor?

If it is divided by a fraction or a decimal. Like 1/5 or .986

What does the picture look like if the numerator is great than the denominator?

When the numerator of a fraction is greater than its denominator then it is classed as an improper fraction as in the example of 5/3

When fractions have like denominators the larger the makes the fraction larger?


What does the picture look like if the numerator is greater than the denominator?

If the numerator is greater than the denominator then it is an improper fraction as for example 5/3 but if the numerator is less than the denominator then it is a common fraction as for example 3/4

What is a number with a numerator and a divisor?

That sounds like a fraction. The top part is called numerator, the bottom part is called the denominator.