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Q: The similarity ratio of two similar polygons is 2 and 3 Compare the smaller polygon to the larger polygon Find the ratio of their areas?
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Are these polygons similar?

these polygons arent similar one is turned sideways... * * * * * Don't know which polygons but turning sideways does not affect similarity

How do you write out a similarity statement with polygons?

Two polygons are similar if:the ratio of the lengths of their corresponding sides is the same, andtheir corresponding angles are equal.

Is regular polygons also similar?

-- All regular (equilateral) triangles are similar. -- All squares are similar. -- All pentagons are similar. -- All hexagons are similar. . . . etc. Any regular polygon is similar to all other regular polygons with the same number of sides.

What is the The perimeters of two similar polygons are 20 and 28. One side of the smaller polygon is 4. Find the corresponding side of the larger polygon.?

It is 5.6

What is the definition of corresponding sides?

n. in congruent polygons, the pairs of sides which can be superimposed on one another. In similar polygons, the ratio of the length of a side on the larger polygon to the length of its corresponding side on the smaller polygon is the same for all the sides.

How can yo find the scale factor from one polygon to the other of two similar polygons?

cont the angle then multiply by 77

If to polygons are similar how can you find the scale factor?

You divide a length of one polygon by the corresponding length in the other polygon. Any length will do, as long as you use the corresponding length in both.

If two polygons are similar how can you find the scale factor from one polygon to the other?

divide the perimeter by 27 the multiply it by 3 and then u get the answer

What does it mean to have similar polygons?

it means that the polygons are similar not exact

What is the greatest common factor of a polygon?

One factor that polygons have is the scale factor which is the ratio of the lengths of two corresponding sides of similar polygons. This would only pertain to two or more polygons of course. You could also look at a single polygon and find the GCF of the lengths of its sides. So for example if you have a 3,4,5 triangle, the GCF is 1. If you have a 6,8,10 triangle it is 2.

Polygons abcd and efgh are similar. find the perimeter of abcd?

Wonderful! If you had told us something about polygon efgh, and mentioned some small tidbit of information regarding the ratio of similarity, we might have had a fighting chance. The question is a lot like asking: "Bob is older than Jim. How old is Bob ?"

Polygons abcde and jklmn are similar the perimeter of polygon abcde is 48 in the perimeter of polygon jklmn is 54 in if NJ equals 6 find ea?

ea = 5, 1 over 3 inches