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It is a law.

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Q: The statement 2 plus 2 equals 4 would be considered a what in the science world?
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Is a law in science considered as an attitude?

The laws of science are not attitudes, they are specific, confirmed observations about the natural world.

Is mythology considered science?

Mythology is the study of myths (the lore of ancient people). Science is an enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the natural world. No, mythology is not considered science.

Why is Robert hooke considered to be important figure in the world of animal and plant science?

because he was a scientist who was dealing with cells.

Why is physics considered as basic science?

Because it is the most basic way of descriping the world.

The process of learning more about the nature world is?

Science, The process of learning more about the natural world is Science.

Is geography a natural science or a social science?

Recently, scientists attached great importance to geographical researches of society, therefore, geography is considered to be a social science in many parts of the world. But geography is a science about surroundings by its nature.

Would things like dark matter be considered magic in science and sorcery?

Yes. Everything explained in the science world is sorcery. Even converting rocks into bread or water into wine can be explained.

What kind of novels did Mary Shelley wrote?

Mary Shelley is the author of "Frankenstein" which is considered to be possibly the world's first science fiction novel.

What are some names for science books?

science and science world

Is the alphebet connected to science?

All things man made can be considered apart of science in one way or another, consider that without a means of written communication, the world would be very behind in its scientific pursuits

How was science practiced in medieval times?

In medieval Europe science was generally not practiced. The Bible and the works of Aristotle were used to describe who the world worked and were considered complete and authoritative.

What is a real world application of science?