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Q: The sum of two numbers is 14. The larger number minus three times the lesser number is -2. What is the lesser number?
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The sum of two numbers is 1457 four times minus twice the second is 8 what is the larger number?


What is the difference of two numbers is 40 Six times the smaller one minus the larger one is 5 what is the larger number?

The smaller number is 9 . You should certainly be able to handle it from there.

The sum of two numbers is -42 the first number minus the second number is 52 Find the numbers?

= The sum of two numbers is -42 the first number minus the second number is 52 Find the numbers? =

What minus number is a prime number?

No negative numbers are prime.

What is -3- 4?


Why does a positive minus a positive equal a positive?

It is NOT necessarily a positive. It will be positive only if it is a larger number minus a smaller number.

What is a negative take away a negative it equals positive?

The result of subtracting a negative number minus a negative number can be positive, or negative, depending on which of the numbers is larger. It can even be zero.

What is an even number minus an even numbers?

its another even number.

One number exceeds another by 12 the sum of the numbers is 68 What are the two numbers?

Do-it-in-your-head method:68 minus 12 is 56;Half of 56 is 28, this is your smaller number;28 + 12 is 40, this is the larger number.Shazam.

What is difference in algebra?

The difference between two numbers is the smaller number subtracted from the larger. This is the absolute value of the first number minus the second number. However, sometimes the term is used for the signed subtraction.

How do you find percent of decrease?

1 minus the smaller number divided by the larger number.

Smallest number on a number line?

it is 0 but, it can also go to minus numbers. so minus 1 trillion and it goes on and on .

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