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Q: The two cones below are similar. What is the height of the larger cone?
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The two cones below are similar. What is the height of the smaller cone?

15/7 APEX

Are two cones with the same height always similar?

No. You need to have the same vertex angle, or have the same ratio between the height and radius of the cones in order to have similar cones.

What is the relation between the volume and height of two similar cones?

The volume is proportional to the cube of the height.

Is there a deciduous tree that has conifer-like cones similar to Alder but larger cones?

Zane has cones, so ask him about his conifer life jelly-filled cones.

The two cones below are similar. What is the value of x?


How are pollen cones and seed cones are different?

Seed cones (female cones) are much larger than pollen cones (male cones).

How are pines cones and seed cones similar?

well seed cones are very similar to pine cones they both haves seeds and pine needles... you cant see the needles cause theyre tiny.

What types of slopes do cinder cones have?

Cinder cones generally have a very steep slope. This slope is also considered gentle compared to the cones' short height.

Why does the radius and height of cones always form a right angle?

they don't. most likely in the level of math you're taking, it is assumed that all cones are right cones

What are ice cream cones made out of?

Ice cream cones are usually made out of wafer, similar to that of a waffle. Cones are also known as a poke or cornet.

Where can I buy traffic cones?

Traffic cones can be purchased at building stores (such as Home Depot) and larger sporting goods stores (such as Dicks). Walmart also carries these cones.

Are two cones sometimes similar?

Nope they are never similar, just like snowflakes.