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The volume is proportional to the cube of the height.

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Q: What is the relation between the volume and height of two similar cones?
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What is the relation between radius of a semicircle and a cone's volume?

None, unless there is a relation between the semicircle and the cone that you have chosen not to share.

Is volume length times weight times height?

No, there is confusion here over similar words. Volume = length times width times height.

How do you find the volume of a rectangular prism relates to the volume of a tringular prism if the two have the same lengthwidthand height?

The volume of a rectangular prism is found by; Volume = Length x Width x Height The volume of a triangular prism is found by; Volume = 1/2 x Length x Width x Height Therefore, Length, Width and Height being identical, 1) the volume of a rectangular prism is twice that of a similar triangular prism OR 2) the colume of a triangular prism is half that of a similar rectangular prism.

Who discovered the relation between gas pressure and volume?

Robert Boylesee link

State relation between mole fraction and Volume fraction?

For Ideal gases, mole fraction=volume fraction

What is relation between mass and volume?

Density = mass divided by volume, measured in kg per cubic metre

What is the relationsip between volume and radius of a cylinder?

It is volume of a cylinder = pi*radius2*height or length

Two cylinders are similar the volume of the left cylinder is sixty four cubic centimeters and the volume of the right cylinder is 1 cubic centimeter what is the height of the cylinder on the right?


What is the relationship between surface area and volume?

The relatonship between surface area and volume is the height of the depth. Surface area is alot taller than volume.

What is the relation between gas temperature and volume?

when temperature goes up volume increases & when temperature goes down volume decreases (directly proportional)

How do you use volume?

Volume is normally used as a measurement in relation to other volumes, or as a sum or total amount. As relational measurements, volume might be in a form similar to a recipe, or it might be given as percentages.

How do you find the volume of a parallelepiped?

Designate one of the faces as the base, and the distance between the plane the base is on, and the plane the opposite side is on, as the height. Then the volume is the base times the height.

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