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to show the cardinal and face values

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Q: The two purposes of the digits in any number are to show the?
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What are the two purposes of the digits in any number?

to show cardinal value and place value

What is the two purposes of digits in any number?

Natural and place value

How many odometers in one hour?

An odometer is a machine that displays distance travelled. Odometers can show any number of digits ans so any number of miles.

How is the number 10 evidenced in nature?

Look at the number of digits (fingers and thumbs) on any normal pair of hands.Look at the number of digits (fingers and thumbs) on any normal pair of hands.Look at the number of digits (fingers and thumbs) on any normal pair of hands.Look at the number of digits (fingers and thumbs) on any normal pair of hands.

Is 8.6 a rational number?

Any number that you can completely write with digits, and decimal point or fraction bar, is a rational number.

Why is any number with the most digits greater?

It is greater because with more digits the greater the value of the number will be.

Is 2.3333..... irrational or rational?

It is rational.Any number that has a digit, or group of digits, that repeat forever is rational.

What is the smallest five digits number without repating any digits?


What number has 20 digits?

...Any number that has 20 digits! For example, 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 quintillion)

When multiplying significant digits what is the number of digits allowed in an answer?

The least number of significant figures in any number of the problem determines the number of significant figures in the answer.

What is a unit digit?

A number is made up from digits in the numeral system. We often use the decimal system in which we use 10 digits, In writing the any number, many digits are used, even repitation of digits. when we write any number using the digits, the last digit ( from right side ) in that number is called unit digit. for example in the number 9814868980, here 0 is called unit digit.

Is this a number 843897398734738473974874837367647643647364736823682623457943936455867675767679567468768477645768579585774758786756875768577676756756776589768575879757074758746666666666666666666666666?

Technically any string of digits is a number.

What is a two-digit number?

Any number with two digits, so any number from 10 upto 99.

What is the lowest nine-digit number that can be formed with different digits?

The correct answer is 102,345,678. The number 012,345,678 is considered an eight-digit number; any other rearrangement of the digits, or inserting a 9 in any position, gives a larger number.

What are the two purposes of a digit in any number?

Our numbers have a positional notation system; to know how much a given digit is, you have to know where it is in the number, with respect to the decimal point. So every number first tells you an amount, but it also holds a place in that number, so that it helps to position the other digits.

Are there any palindromic primes with an even number of digits greater than 11?

No, 11 is the only palindromic prime with an even number of digits.

What do the numbers stand for in a Social Security Number?

The first three digits are called the area number, the next two digits are called the group number, and the last four digits are the serial numbers. The area numbers are assigned on the basis of the zip-code on your SSN application. The group numbers are just for bookkeeping purposes only, they don't have any specific meaning. In each group number, the serial numbers are allocated consecutively from 0001 to 9999.

What do you mean by 4 to 5 digit numbers?

Any number that has 4 or 5 digits. A digit in a number is one number place. 1 has 1 digit, 11 has 2 digits, 111 has 3 digits, and so on.

Are there any patterns in the digits of pi?

pi is an irrational number so there are no sustained patterns in the digits of pi.

What is the smallest number that can be formed using the digits 492130 and 5 without repeating any of the digits?


What number is not divisible by 3?

any number in which the digits do not have a sum of a multiple of 3.

What numbers are rational?

-- Any number that you can write as a whole number, a fraction, or a mixed number, using digits, is rational. -- Any number that you can completely write down on paper, using digits, is rational.

Which is greater the greatest whole number with 4 digits or the least whole number with 5 digits?

Any 5-digit number is greater than a 4-digit one.

What is a visa number on student visa?

A Visa number on any type of visa is like a serial number or control number used usually for security purposes or tracking purposes.

When a number is a multiple of 6 What are the possible values for the ones digits?

Any even number.

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