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Degrees or Radians

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Q: The units in which angles are measured?
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What are the units of measuring angles?

Angles can be measured in degrees, radians and revolutions.

The units that angles are measured with are called?

mostly they're measured in degrees

What are the units for measuring angle?

In geometry angles are measured in degrees.

Points on a sphere or angles in a circle are measured in units called?

it's called degrees

Longitutde and latitude are measured in?

Longitude and latitude are angles, so it is fitting that they be described in units of angle.

What are angle measured in?

Among units of measurement for angles, the degree and the radian are the most commonly used, by far.

Latitude is a location north or south of the equator measured in the units of?

Latitude and longitude are angles, and are stated in degrees and fractions of degrees.

Why is perimeter measured in units and area measured in sq units?

Because a perimeter is measured in linear units while an area is measured in square units.

How are angles measured?

Angles are measured with a protractor in degrees, minutes and seconds.

Is the area measured in cubic units?

No, volume is measured in cubic units, area is measured in square units.

How is the latitude and longitude system different to the x and y coordinates on a graph?

On a graph, 'x' and 'y' are marked and measured in length or distance units. Latitude and longitude are marked and measured in angles.

Can you find a picture of a triangle of six equal parts?

A triangle has three sides and three angles. Sides are measured in units of length. Angles are measured in angular units, like radians, degrees, or grads. A side can never be equal to an angle. So, of the 6 quantifiable parts of a triangle, the greatest possible uniformity occurs with 3 equal sides and 3 equal angles. When that occurs, you have an "equilateral" triangle.