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Because a perimeter is measured in linear units while an area is measured in square units.

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Q: Why is perimeter measured in units and area measured in sq units?
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What is the area of a closed figure with a perimeter of 15 square units?

The perimeter is not going to have sq units. If the perimeter of a square is 15 units then the area would be 14.0625units squared.

Is it possible to make a shape out of the area of 16 and a perimeter of 15?

Yes but not a square (or rectangle). A quadrilateral with an area of 16 sq units must have sides of at least 4 units and so a perimeter of at least 16 units. However, a circle of perimeter 15 units will enclose an area of 17.905 sq units (to 3 dp) so an ellipse of 15 units' perimeter will meet the requirements.

What is the area of a rectangle with a perimeter of 24?

Any positive value upto 36 square units. A 6x6 square will have the maximum area of 36 sq units; a 5x7 rectangle will have an area of 35 sq units, and the area will be reduced as you reduce one of the measures and increase the other so that their sum remains 12 units so that the perimeter is 24 units. 1x11 will be 11 sq units 0.1x11.9 will be 1.19 sq units 0.01x11.99 will be 0.1199 sq units 0.001x11.999 will be 0.011999 sq units, etc.

What is the area of a perimeter of 2.4?

Any positive value upto 0.36 square units. A 0.6 x 0.6 square will have the maximum area of 0.36 sq units; a 0.5 x 0.7 rectangle will have an area of 0.35 sq units, and the area will be reduced as you reduce one of the measures and increase the other so that their sum remains 1.2 units so that the perimeter is 2.4 units. 0.1x1.1 will be 0.11 sq units 0.01x1.19 will be 0.0119 sq units 0.001x1.199 will be 0.001199 sq units 0.0001x1.1999 will be 0.00011999 sq units, etc.

What are the units measure of area?

The unit of area is square unit. It is measured in sq. km, sq. m,

What is the are of a shape when the perimeter is 42.5?

A perimeter is not enough to determine the area. It depends on the shape. The shape has the greatest area if it is a circle and then the area will be 143.73 square units (approx). If it a square, the area will be 112.890625 sq units. But the area can be reduced, without limit, by making the shape longer and thinner. For example, 20*1.25 rectangle: area = 25 sq units 21*0.25 rectangle: area = 5.25 sq units 21.2*0.05 rectangle: area = 1.06 sq units 21.24*0.001 rectangle: area = 0.2124 sq units etc

What is the area of a figure with a perimeter of 36?

Any area you want greater than 0 square units and less than or equal to 324/π sq units ≈ 103.13 sq units.

What shape has 6 sq units and perimeter of 12 units?

a square

A right prism with a base perimeter of 10 units a height of 3 units and a total base area of 7 square units has a surface area of?

Lateral area = 10*3 = 30 sq units Total area = Lateral area + 2*Base area [top and bottom] = 30+2*7 = 44 sq units

What is shape if perimeter is 16 and area is 15?

This is a rectangle with length 5 units and width 3 units. The area = length x width = 5 x 3 = 15 sq units. The perimeter = 2 x (length + width) = 2 x 8 = 16 units.

How many sq ft equals to 1 meter?

meter length is measured in metric units. Square feet in area is measured in English units of measurement. These two are not comparable.

Area is always measured in units of what?

There are some units of area which don't have the word "square" in them. Area is most commonly measured in squares of lengthunits, but acres, ares, hectares and barns are other area units. 1 acre = 1/640 sq. mile = 43560 sq feet. 1 barn = 100 square femtometers.

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