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Q: The volume of a pyramid is Area of the base Height one third What is the volume of a pyramid where its base is 2 yds by 2 yds and height is 6 yds?
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How is the volume in pyramid formula one third base of base and height can someone explain?

See link for an explanation

If the volume of a prism is 999 square inches what is the volume of a pyramid with the same base?

If the VOLUME is 999 SQUARE inches then you have gone wrong. SQUARE inches are a measure of AREA VOLUME is measured in CUBIC units. Assuming you meant The volume of a prism is 999 CUBIC inches, then the volume of a pyramid with the same height is indeterminate (cannot be given), as there is NO INDICATION of how the height of the pyramid relates to the height of the prism. So, ASSUMING you mean the volume of a prism is 999 CUBIC inches AND the HEIGHT of the pyramid is the same as the height of the prism, then the volume of the pyramid is one third that of the prism, ie 999 cu in ÷ 3 = 333 CUBIC inches.

How do you Find the volume of a square pyramid with a base side length of 17 and a height of 19?

Volume=the area of the base times height divided by 3, so 289x19/3 which equals 1830 and one third.

How do you change the height of a square pyramid so that its volume would remain the same when the area of the base is tripled?

It must be made a third of its current value, ie divided by 3. The volume of a pyramid is 1/3 x area_base x height. The 1/3 is constant; to keep the volume constant as the base_area changes, the height must vary inversely. If the base_area is tripled, ie multiplied by 3, the height must be reduced to a third, ie divided by 3.

How to find the height of a pyramid with a square base?

well if volume= 1/3 (h*w) then.... h= (v/w)/1/3 height is equal to volume divided by width divided by a third??? think this is right...... :S

How are the volumes of right pyramid and right cone related to the volume of a right prism and right cylinder?

The volume of the pyramid and cone is one third the volume of the corresponding (ie same [size] base and height) prism and cylinder.

What is the volume of a ramp?

I think since a ramp is a rectangular pyramid you would use the formula Volume= one-third times length times width times height

Volume of an oblique cone?

Find the perpendicular height from the apex to the base.The volume is one third of the base area times the perpendicluar height.

Find the volume of a cone with the height 6cm and the diameter 7cm?

Around 77 cm2. volume=(one third)(pi)(radius squared)(height)

How do you write the volume of a cone in words?

The volume of a cone is one-third the base area times the height. It can also be written as the volume of a cone is one-third pi times the square of the radius of the base times the height.

The radius is 2.5 cm and the volume is 58.9cm to the third power what is the height?

pi x radius x radius x height = cylinder volume. 3.1416 x 2.5cm2 x height = 58.9cm3, height = 58.9cm3 / (3.1416 x 2.5cm x 2.5cm) = 3cm

What is the formula to find at cones volume?

a cone's volume>>> V = 1/3 [ (pi)*(radius*squared)*(height) ] so volume equals , (one third) of (pi) times (radius squared) times (height)