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7/13 + 2/7 = 75/91

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Q: They are fractions by the way how much is 7 over 13 plus 2 over 7?
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How do you order fractions and whole numbers?

 Put fractions in decimal form. That way it is much easier to compare and order them.

What is the easiest way to order decimals?

Change them into fractions over 10 or 100 and then order them

Is 5 over 14 equal to 4 over 7?

Convert the fractions to a common denominator - that way you can easily compare them.

How do veterinarians write fractions as decimals in their work?

In much the same way as anyone writes decimals.

How do you do fractions with the numerator bigger than the denominator?

You do them the same way as you "do" other fractions.

What is a different way to say 2 over 4 in fractions?

1/2 (one over two) is the simplified and more preferred fraction for 2/4 (two over four).

Why do you multiply and divide functions?

To multiply fractions you take the first fractions top, or the numerator, times the second fractions top. This is the top to the answer. Then you take the first fractions bottom, or denominator, times the second fractions bottom. This is the answers bottom. 2/3*7/5=14/5 To divide fractions, you take the second fraction and flip it over. Then you continue the same way as multiplying fractions, taking the first fraction times the flipped over second fraction. (2/3)/(7/5)=2/3*5/7=10/21

In how many different ways can you add 2 over 3 and 5 over 6?

There is only one way - make then into equivalent fractions with the same denominator and then add the numerators and simplify if possible. However, there are infinitely many equivalent fractions that can be used - all multiples of the lowest common multiple of 3 and 6 (which is 6) can be used as the denominator for the equivalent fractions.

How much is 15 plus 15 plus 15 plus 15 plus 15 plus 15?

15 x 6 or the long way is 90

What is the easiest way to understand the equivalent fractions worksheets?

The difference is that they equivalent fractions worksheets have graphics and explain the concepts in easier to understand language. I find them to be an easier and fun way to introduce and explain fractions.

How do you find the average of fractions?

The same way that you calculate the average for any other numbers. Sum the fractions and divide the total by the number of fractions.

Why are fractions not written the way they are said?

It is answered the way it is said.

What is 1 over 15 as improper fractions?

1/15 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't become improper fractions. It wouldn't be proper.

What are the fractions for all the decimal numbers?

take every single number you can think of and put it over every single number you can think of in every single way that you can think of and those are all the fractions for all the decimal numbers.

Why do you have fractions?

Fractions are a way of saying "I have part of something but not the whole thing."In other words it is a way of expressing a value less than a whole number.

What is 8 over 24 a fraction?

8 over 24 equals 1 over 3. An easy way to reduce fractions is to look at a multiplication table across the multiples of 1 and 3.

How do add mixed improper fraction?

Mixed numbers can be converted to improper fractions. Improper fractions can be added the same way proper fractions are.

How do you calculate an average with fractions?

The same way you calculate averages with whole numbers: Add up all the fractions and divide by the number of fractions there are.

What is the easy way to learn fractions?

You can buy a popular game, Pizza Fractions which has different ways for looking at and considering fractions.

Are all ratios fractions?

in a way yes

How much does 1 over 6 equal in a pizza?

it equals 1/6 of the pizza or 2/12 or 3/18 or 4/24 by the way the fractions after 1/6 are equivalent to 1/6 equivalent means they are equal to so the fractions are equivalent to (equal to) 1/6

What is 3 over 10 plus 7 over 10 with the way YOU did it plzzzzzzzzz?

3/10 + 7/10= 1

How is dividing fractions similar to multiplying fractions?

It is similar because when you divide fractions you are technically multiplying the second number's reciprocal. (Turning the fraction the other way around)

What is a unique way of how to solve dividing fractions?

There is very little that is unique about the process of dividing fractions. Multiply by the reciprocal.

What is the best method for subtracting fractions?

The three-step method is the easiest way to subtract fractions. First, ensure that the bottom numbers, or denominators are the same. Then, subtract the numerators.Place the answer over the same denominator. All one needs to do now is simplify the fraction.