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There are a lot more than three types of lines and there is no physical property which states that there are only three.

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Q: This physical property says ther are three types of lines straight curved and?
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Can you make a curved shape out of straight lines?

Not really, but if you have many lines it can look like a curved shape.

What two types of lines are there?

straight and curved

Is a circle a polygon with curved sides?

No, all polygons have straight lines. All lines are straight

What figure has two straight lines and two curved lines?

a cirsquare

Definition of curved line?

A kind of line which is not required to be straight. Curved lines are often called irregular lines.

What shape has no straight lines or curved lines?

There is no kind of shape that has a straight line or curved line a kind of element of the following question is "space"...hope this helps

What is an open figure with curved and straight lines?


Are there any more lines than just straight and curved?

There can be a combination of the two - a line that is straight for a while and then curved, or a zigzag.

Types of Lines-?

There are different types of lines: curved lines, dotted lines, wavy lines and straight lines.

What is shorter a straight line or a curved path between two straight lines?

Straight line.

What is a figure with two straight and two curved lines?

A cylinder.

What shape has 2 curved lines and 2 straight lines?

It could be a stretched circle - a bit like an ellipse except that an ellipse does not have straight lines.

Is ellipse a polygon?

No it cannot. A polygon is a plane space enclosed by straight lines. An ellipse consists of a curved line, not straight lines.

Is a circle a curved shape?

A curved shape does not have any straight lines. In a circle the line curves continually, meaning that the circle is a curved shape.

What are the 4 kinds of particular lines in a triangle?

straight, curved, zigzag, and bent.

What is the purpose of the coordination system?

To plot straight and curved lines on it in the form of equations

What are all types of lines?

They are: -skew lines -parallel lines -intersecting lines -straight lines -zigzag lines -dotted lines -solid lines -curved lines -perpendicular lines

What is a jigsaw used for?

A jigsaw is used for cutting curved or round holes. With a straight guide it can cut straight lines.

Types of lines?

Some types of lines are dotted, spiral, straight, vertical, horizontal, curved and zig-zag

How many lines can be drawn through 2 points?

1 straight line. An infinite number of curved lines.

What does a straight line on a line graph mean?

Linear equations are those having no exponents; they produce straight lines when you graph them. Once you have exponents, you get curved lines.

What is one advantage of roman numerals?

If you are carving them in stone, few roman numerals are curved. Chiseling straight lines in stone is much easier to do than chiseling curved lines.

Does a coping saw cut in straight or curved lines?

It is designed to easily cut curves. Whether it cuts in straight or curved lines depends how good the user is: a good user will be able to use it to cut straight lines, but a not-so good user will tend to "wobble" and so cut lots of little curves when trying to cut in a straight line.

Is a square with curved in corners a polygon?

no because it will become round and polygons are straight lines.

Does sound travel in straight lines?

Sound travels in curved lines originating from the original source of the sound sort of like this ^