Is a circle a polygon with curved sides?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, all polygons have straight lines. All lines are straight

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Q: Is a circle a polygon with curved sides?
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Is a circle a regular polygon?

No, a circle is not a regular polygon because it is not even a polygon.A polygon must have at least 3 sides and 3 angles (a circle has 1 side and has 0 angles), it has to be a closed shape, and it cannot have curved lines (circles are curved). Therefore, a circle is not a polygon. You *might* think that a circle is just made up of a gazillion squares, but no. It's simply just a curved shape.

How do you explain why a circle is not a polygon?

A circle is composed by an infinite sequence of straight line segments, while a polygon has a finite sequence of straight line segments.

Is a circle a regular shape or non regular shape?

A circle is non-polygon. Meaning it has a curved side. A circle has no sides. It is non-regular.

What are the attributes of a polygon?

A polygon has sides A polygon can have any number of side A polygon can not be curved so a circle is not a polygon Regular Polygon Has congruent sides and angles Has lines of symmetry Irregular Polygon Doesn't have any equal sides or angles Doesn't have any lines of symmetry

Does a polygon have to have straight sides?

Yes. A polygon can't have curved sides. do

What polygon has 8 stright sides and 1 curved side?

Polygons can't have curved sides so the answer is not a polygon.

Why is a regular pentagon a polygon?

A regular pentagon has straight sides and is closed so its a polygon. Any shape with straight sides and is closed is a polygon. Example O (circle) has curved lines so its not a polygon L (square) is open therefore it is not a polygon.

Is a rectangle with curved points a polygon?

no because a polygon can not have curved edges,points,sides,ect.

How many corners do a circle have?

Look a circle has an infinite or you can say uncountable of sides, which means that it has an infinite number of corners as well. If you take one section of the circle, it will look curved. But as you zoom in, it will look less curved, and eventually you will have linearity. That is where the sides come from. As proof, look at a decagon (10 sides). It is starting to look round. As you add more and more sides to a polygon, it starts to look more and more like a circle. If you had a polygon with 1000 sides, would you be able to distinguish the different sides?

How can a circle be a polygon?

A circle can be a polygon. Sometimes a circle can be a polygon that has infinite number of sides.

How is polygon drawn?

A polygon is simply a shape that follows certain rules.. if the rules are followed then it is then a Polygon Rules: 1. Must have sides that are not curved (cant be a circle) 2. must be closed off (all sides connected) 3. At least 3 sides

What polygon is a circle?

A polygon is a plane area bounded by straight lines. A circle consists of a curved line, not a straight line. Therefore a circle is not a polygon and conversely, no polygon can be a circle.