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Not really, but if you have many lines it can look like a curved shape.

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Q: Can you make a curved shape out of straight lines?
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How do you make a curved shape on Minecraft?

You can't get a curved shape on minecraft. Everything is squared.

Can curved lines make a corner?


How do you work out the perimeter of a shape?

Add together the lengths of all the sides that make up the boundary of the shape. These need not be straight lines.

What is a polygonal shape?

Polygons are 2-D shapes that are made of straight lines that make a figure with no openings.

How do you make straight line a curved line?

in a special pattern

Who do you draw the hourglass?

To draw an hourglass, you need a piece of paper. Next you need to draw two vertical lines of the same length. After that, draw the horizontal lines connecting the vertical lines. When that is done, you need to draw two triangles overlapping themselves. Make small curves at the top, middle and bottom. Make the triangles slightly curved, then erase the original triangles. Color in the bottom and top to the three curved lines. You have an hourglass, but to make it more interesting, draw two short straight lines on the top and two small straight lines on the bottom. HOURGLASS!

Can you call any 8 side shape an octagon?

No not just any shape that has 8 side can be called an octagon. An octagon has straight lines that make up a closed bounded shape.

Can parallel lines be curved?

The usual definition is that the lines should be straight. On "alternative geometries", other definitions may be used. For example, on a sphere, the large circles (the largest you can make, whose center is the center of the sphere) replace straight lines. Note that in this case, the normal parallel axiom is no longer valid.

Is a frequency polygon nonlinear?

no it is linear because in order to make a shape you have to use lines even with a circle buts its just one curved line... -Alize Mitchell

Can 3 lines in a circle make 8 pieces?

You did not specify if these are straight lines. If the lines are straight then no, only 7. If you curve the lines then, yes.

A shape effect that uses shading and shadows to make the edges of a shape appear to be curved or angled is the?


What is the Vertex of a shape?

A vertex is when 2 edges meet and make a curved line.

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