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712 divided by 8=89, 89 times 3=267, so the answer is 267

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Q: Three eighths of the 712 students bought their lunch?
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What is three eighths of 712 how many kids did not buy lunch?


Where do students of Canada eat their lunch?

Some students bring their own lunch. And If some students don't have lunch then teacher gave them lunch.

Should students have longer lunch breaks in middle schools?

should students have longer lunch periods

There are 30 students in ms keusch's homeroom of the students 40 percent are boys What percent of the students are girls?

if there are a total of 150 students in a classroom of these students 30% eat during the first lunch priod, 20% eat during the second lunch period, and the rest eat during the third lunch period. how many of her students eat during each lunch period? Is this a question or an answer? 45 eat during the first lunch period, 30 during the second lunch period and 75 during the third lunch period.

What percentage of students forget lunch?

58% of students

Four students organized a sit-in at a lunch counter in?

Four students organized a sit in at a lunch counter in Greensboro, NC.

How Of the students in sixth grade 35 pack their lunch. what percent of students pack their lunch?

You don't tell the total number of students. To get a percentage you need to provide the total.

What are students eating for lunch?


Whitmer middle school has 850 students if 42 percent of the students bought lunch on Monday how many students bought lunch on monday?

Simple set up an equation like so.... 42 = (x) 100 850 Cross multiply and set up like so...850 x 42=100(x) then do the multiplication...850 x 42= 35,700 then simplify the equation by dividing both sides by 100...35,700 = 100(x) 100 100 Answer: 357 students brought their lunch on Monday

What is the difference between a lunch box and a school?

You Can Teach Students In School And Not In A Lunch Box ?

Three fifths of the 1065 students in your school want pizza for lunch how many students in your school do not want pizza?

75 kids don't want pizza. protect against std!

Why did airhead eat the dollar he bought to school?

because it was his lunch money

Why do students in Canada eat their lunch?

They dont...

Do commuters to Boston Ballet SDP get lunch?

Commuter students have the options to either bring a packed lunch from home or buy lunch from one of the restaurants around the studios. Residential students get a sack lunch in the cafeteria before leaving for class in the morning, but also have the option to go buy lunch from a nearby restaurant.

What percentage of students don't like school lunch?

maybe 70% students complain

What do students do at lunch break in France?

Students in France will eat lunch during their lunch break, many going home for the meal. Lunch breaks in France are longer than they are in the US, so they have more time to relax. Usually their meals consist of bread, cheese, and meat.

Girl was hungry you bought a lunch for her she then texted you thanks does she like you?

She was thankful that you bought her lunch and expressed that to you. The best way to find out if she likes you is to ask her on a date and start spending time with her.

Why shouldn't students have a longer lunch?

Student can't have a longer lunch because it will cut into the rest of the day!

Should students have longer lunch and recess?

its healthy

If you had 500 students and 25.0 percent ate lunch how many is that?

500 * 0.25 = 125 students.

Which is the best way to interview high school students about which lunch items they like?

B.handing out questionnaires during lunch

Should students be allowed to go out for lunch or go home?


Why does your teens take other students lunch?

because they are just being mean or dont want to wait in line for lunch

How long is a typical lunch break for students in France?

It is usual for students to have at least an hour for their lunch break. In fact most schools have a break one hour and a half, or 1H45, allowing pupils living nearby to commute home, take their lunch, and come back for the afternoon. Schoolchildren can also take their lunch at the school canteen.

Use the hungry students in a SENTENC E?

The hungry students ate a big lunch. We gave all our food to the hungry students.