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712 divided by 8=89, 89 times 3=267, so the answer is 267

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Q: Three eighths of the 712 students bought their lunch?
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How Of the students in sixth grade 35 pack their lunch. what percent of students pack their lunch?

You don't tell the total number of students. To get a percentage you need to provide the total.

Gerald and Michelle went on a 24 mile bike ride by lunch time they had riden five eighths of the total distance how many miles did they have left to ride?

Gerald and Michelle went on a 24 mile bike ride. They rode 1 fourths of the distance before stopping. By, luchtime, they rode 5 eights of the total distance. How many miles did they have left to ride after lunch.

Of the sixth grade students surveyed 12 percent bring their lunches to school suppose 24 sixth graders do this how many sixth graders are at the school?

Since 24 six graders who bring their lunch to school are 12% of the total number of six grade students, then the total numbers of these students is 200 (24 ÷ .12).

Three Ways to Build Rapport with Students?

As an educator, it is very important to build a relationship with one's students. The relationship should strictly be school-related in which both the teacher and students are aware that this working relationship will help them in the classroom. There are several ways to build rapport with students. One way is to get to know each student as a person. Children understand that they come to school to learn, but they also want their teacher to notice them. Teachers should spend at least five minutes with two or three students just by asking how their day went. This will spark a conversation that can help students realize that teachers do have a life outside of school. In the same token, teachers can begin how to understand a child's thinking based upon their experiences in their life. A second way to build rapport is to share meaningful personal stories related to content learned in the classroom. For example, if one is a math teacher teaching discounts, sales tax, or mark-ups, then he or she can discuss past shopping experiences to help students understand how these topics are used in life. Also, it would be good to have a couple of students share their own shopping experiences to keep a rich discussion and genuine interest in learning the content. During this discussion, the math teacher should also explain the importance of mark-ups when owning one's own business. This will be a sure way to gain students interest and help show them that teachers really do care about students learning new information. A third way to build rapport is to eat lunch with students. While it is not a good idea to meet with them every day because teachers also need to bond with their fellow colleagues or complete tasks during their lunch period to make sure that their next lesson is ready for students. A good rule of thumb is to eat lunch with students once or twice a week. For example, if one designate Fridays as the day that students will eat with the teacher, then students will be fine with this. Believe it or not, students want to eat with their teacher and it is a positive way to build a learning relationship with one's students. Students want to have a positive relationship with their teachers and it is very important for teachers to find ways during school hours to bond with their students so that children want to learn from their teachers.

Why did the airhead eat the dollar he brought to school?

It was his lunch money Posted by Jenna Sirucek

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What is three eighths of 712 how many kids did not buy lunch?


Whitmer middle school has 850 students if 42 percent of the students bought lunch on Monday how many students bought lunch on monday?

Simple set up an equation like so.... 42 = (x) 100 850 Cross multiply and set up like so...850 x 42=100(x) then do the multiplication...850 x 42= 35,700 then simplify the equation by dividing both sides by 100...35,700 = 100(x) 100 100 Answer: 357 students brought their lunch on Monday

There are 30 students in ms keusch's homeroom of the students 40 percent are boys What percent of the students are girls?

if there are a total of 150 students in a classroom of these students 30% eat during the first lunch priod, 20% eat during the second lunch period, and the rest eat during the third lunch period. how many of her students eat during each lunch period? Is this a question or an answer? 45 eat during the first lunch period, 30 during the second lunch period and 75 during the third lunch period.

What are Canadian lunch?

Typically lunch is at noon but it starts frequently at 11.30 in high schools :)

Four students organized a sit-in at a lunch counter in?

Four students organized a sit in at a lunch counter in Greensboro, NC.

How Of the students in sixth grade 35 pack their lunch. what percent of students pack their lunch?

You don't tell the total number of students. To get a percentage you need to provide the total.

Three fifths of the 1065 students in your school want pizza for lunch how many students in your school do not want pizza?

75 kids don't want pizza. protect against std!

What is the difference between a lunch box and a school?

You Can Teach Students In School And Not In A Lunch Box ?

What percentage of students don't like school lunch?

maybe 70% students complain

Why do students in Canada eat their lunch?

They dont...

Do commuters to Boston Ballet SDP get lunch?

Commuter students have the options to either bring a packed lunch from home or buy lunch from one of the restaurants around the studios. Residential students get a sack lunch in the cafeteria before leaving for class in the morning, but also have the option to go buy lunch from a nearby restaurant.

Girl was hungry you bought a lunch for her she then texted you thanks does she like you?

She was thankful that you bought her lunch and expressed that to you. The best way to find out if she likes you is to ask her on a date and start spending time with her.